State of Survival
State of Survival
The Zombie Apocalypse
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September 25 2021


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Varies by equipment

Varies by equipment


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The zombie apocalypse started six months ago. You, a survivor, must build a city that can stand against the endless hordes. Build shelters, arm your people and survive the onslaught.

A six-month outbreak has affected your ability to trust anyone. As a former army sergeant, you are prepared to fight waves of Zombies to survive another day, but as days go by it gets more and more complicated. However, you are not alone in this.

Recruit survivors on the wasteland to build various facilities for them, and at the same time train survivors to resist the apocalyptic zombie attack, explore this new world, and find a variety of equipment to enjoy more survival experiences.

How to play


There is strength in numbers. Make allies and forge strategic partnerships to survive the horrors of the infected wilderness in this strategy survival game. Join armies to pulverize anyone who tries to take advantage of you in the battle and be ready for the war against the zombies and the apocalypse. Your survival is at stake!


In this survival game, you get to save survivors from the battle to increase your numbers and strength to fight each infected zombie. Locate those with special abilities, as they will be the heroes of the plague war! Shooting time!


In the absence of the military, build up your settlement to form a haven for your survivors and the foundation for your post-apocalyptic zombie world. It is time for your tactics to become real! Fight against this virus of the walking dead! It’s combat time and you need to fight the invasion! Survive if you can!!


The zombie army disease is mutating rapidly. As a survivor, you need to learn whatever you can to understand it and build your strategy before the invasion of the zombies. Whoever can control the infection controls the world! There's a war out there and it's all about survival! Stop the apocalypse!

You can do anything to survive in this terrible war. It won't be easy to win this battle. The infected are everywhere and it's time to start fighting!

Editors' Review

State of Survival ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce. By JoJo

Less than a year after SoS was released, it has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play alone. This can be regarded as a huge success, and the game has been well received by the majority of players. Compared with traditional strategy games, many new elements have been added to the game design. In addition to the core construction, operation and combat gameplay of strategy games, more strategic gameplay such as tower defense and exploration have been added to enrich the game content and bring players a brand new multi-level strategy experience. This design strengthens the player’s sense of early participation, makes up for the player’s weak sense of goal in the early stage, and also fills in the blank time during the waiting period for building upgrades.

In addition, the developers have designed the game's worldview and plot in detail, and each hero has his or her backstory, and the truth of this series needs to be gradually uncovered in the game experience. It's also worth noting that much of the dialogue is fully voice-over, and the voice actors do a pretty good job of making the characters come to life. Each of the main actors has a distinct personality, from a lovely and cheerful girl Maddie, to stoic and composed Sarge and rough but friendly Rusty. You'll enjoy these characters and appreciate the way the development team made them.

The progression of the game is very simple. To upgrade your main building, also known as the headquarters, you need to complete a series of tasks. These are fairly simple. Some of them include clearing the surrounding area, rescuing survivors, building or upgrading some other buildings, etc. The game features a variety of different resources, such as food, wood, iron, gas, energy, etc. There is also a premium resource called Biocaps, which is equivalent to gems or diamonds from other games in the genre. Each building requires a certain amount of resources to build and upgrade. At first, these don't cost much, but eventually, as you progress, it will take longer and longer to upgrade buildings and train troops. Your settlement process will be very similar to that of many other strategy games on the market.

Similar to many other strategy games, you will be able to make friends and form alliances with other players in the game. This will allow you to take on some of the most difficult challenges that the game has to offer with your allies. Since SoS is a multiplayer game, there is also a player vs. player aspect to it. You will be able to attack other allied players' settlements and plunder their resources. However, please note that you may also be on the receiving end, so you may need to consider the best strategy to succeed on both the offensive and defensive ends.

While SoS is completely free to play, the experience may vary. The biggest obstacle in the game is the time it takes to build/upgrade certain buildings. In some cases, this can take days or even months, which can be very frustrating. Therefore, the other option is to speed things up. However, this is very expensive, so unless you are willing to pay a penny for it, you will have to wait. This wouldn't be much of an issue if it wasn't for the multiplayer aspect of the game. Since many players are willing to use real money to progress faster, they will naturally have an advantage over free players. Understandably, developers need to make money somewhere, but designs that allow paying players to "bully" others far below their level can sometimes frustrate you.

Overall, there are some shortcomings but it's a great game, full of many interesting and intriguing features. If you're a fan of the strategy genre, it's worth a try.


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