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Bloons TD 6
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Get ready for a massive 3D tower defense game designed to give you hours and hours of the best strategy gaming available. Craft your perfect defense from a combination of awesome monkey towers, upgrades, Heroes, and activated abilities, then pop every last Bloon that comes your way!

* Vibrant new monkey animations and upgrade skins
* Intense visual effects 
* 49 original maps, some with 3D objects that can block line of sight

* 21 powerful monkey towers, including new BTD6 towers Druid and Alchemist and recently added Mortar Monkey and Engineer Monkey
* 3 upgrade paths - all monkey towers now have 3 amazing paths to choose between
* Tier 5 upgrades - top upgrades so powerful only one monkey can have them

* Each game, place one of these 11 unique and powerful monkeys with 20 signature upgrades
* Two bloon-shredding activated abilities per Hero
* Craft new gameplay strategies around each Hero's powers and synergies
* Unlockable skins and voiceovers to customize your play

* Over 100 meta-upgrades that buff individual monkey towers or monkey groups
* Adds late game power so you can win more maps and reach higher freeplay rounds

* Play anywhere - single player offline works even when your wifi doesn't!
* New Bloons - tricky new bloon types like Purple, Fortified, and the relentless B.A.D.
* New game modes added to each game difficulty, like Restricted Monkeys, Double Health MOABs, and the brutal CHIMPS rules

And there's heaps more! We packed as much content and polish into this game as possible, and we'll continue to add new features, content, and challenges in regular updates. We truly respect your time and support, and we hope Bloons TD 6 will be the best strategy game you've ever played. If it's not, please contact us at [email protected] and tell us what we can do better!
Now those Bloons aren't going to pop themselves... sharpen your darts and go play Bloons TD 6!

How to play

Bloons TD 6 features

* Refreshing new monkey animations and upgraded skins

*Intense visual effects

*30 new maps, including many 3D objects that block the view

Epic monkey tower upgrades

*20 powerful monkey towers, including 2 new monkeys - Druid and Alchemist!

*3 upgrade routes - all monkey towers have 3 different routes to choose from

*5 upgrades - Given that the highest level is so powerful, only one monkey can be owned

Make the most of the various monkey towers, upgrades, heroes and activation skills to build the perfect defense line and break every balloon that appears.

All-new 3D Balloon Tower Defense These skilled and superior monkeys have 20 signature upgrades

*Each hero has two activated skills to break balloons

*New game strategies based on each hero's abilities and synergies

*Over 100 optimized upgrades to enhance each monkey tower or group of monkeys

*Add new game power-ups to help you win more maps and achieve higher free game rounds

Build the perfect defense line using various monkey towers, upgrades, heroes and activation skills to break every balloon that appears.

Editors' Review

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Bloons TD 6 is a strategy gaming app in which the object of the game is to defend your towers.
The Bloons TD 6 app is available for a purchase of $4.99 in both the App Store and the Google Play Store. It is rated for users 9 years of age and older.

In the newest version of this game, Bloons TD promises better, more vibrant graphics, new skins, missions, maps and 3D objects. The object of the game is to prevent balloons (bloons) from reaching the end of your course. Players are to use towers and other obstacles with the purpose of trying to pop the balloons before they reach their destination. Monkeys are utilized in this game to aid in popping balloons.

Each of your monkey towers has its own upgrade trees. And some balloons later in the waves can only be killed by simians that have the right upgrades. And you will need many of these variations to do well, particularly as the bloons come in different types like ceramic, lead, and camo, which often require specialized upgrades in order to destroy. The camo bloons are particularly nasty, as if you don’t have enough firepower that can detect them, they will utterly wreck your defenses.

You can buy special powers with the game’s hard currency, Monkey Money. However, you do earn Monkey Money for completing levels and objectives, so you can earn a lot of it by grinding. Additionally, you can unlock all the upgrades for units much faster through in-game purchases. In-app purchases range in price from $0.99 to $17.99 that give players extra abilities and perks.

Bloons TD 6 is perfect for the kind of person looking to just lose hundreds and hundreds of hours into one game, seeking to attain complete mastery.

The game does have a few tricks up its sleeve though. But, in easy mode especially, you get so much cash from the slaughter that it's simple to just build up whatever you want. Things get more challenging in the other modes, but the same basic principles hold throughout.

Although it is considered as kid friendly game, parents may want to keep an eye on in-app purchases as there is such a large range. Spending expectations should be set prior to allowing your child to play this game. If parents do not plan on spending any money on this game they should change their settings to not allow them or password protect any in-app purchases.

Parents should also be aware of gaming addiction that can develop from games like this one and strive to strike a balance between game play and other activities.

In conclusion, Bloons TD 6 is chaos, willing to throw endless hordes of creeps at players, with convoluted upgrade systems and dozens of units. If you like simplicity and efficient design, this isn’t the game for you! If you like engorging on content, maintaining upgrade trees for dozens of units, and watching your screen fill up with enemies all the time, this is perfect for you!


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