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Nov 24, 2021


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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December 21, 2020


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The plot of this game is based on the popular anime Dragon Ball and describes the world born from the skew of the next dimension because of the conspiracy of unknown people, which is in a dangerous state of mixing the past, present and future. The warrior from the future, Tenax, will become the player's partner and embark on a journey together with the player. The story is about a world where the past, present and future are mixed together after the world dimension is distorted. Players need to use the "Time Machine" and "Tranx" to embark on an adventure together.

Players can form a team to adventure on the game map, the game map is played in a Monopoly-like way, with various props, attribute bonuses and enemies along the way. As for the game's battle gameplay, it is in fact somewhat similar to the recent popular rock cube and ball game. In addition, the character will make a special screen when he or she is in a battle and will switch to a special screen.

The game framework of Dragonball Z: Dokkan Battle is actually similar to that of current cell phone games, such as the friend system, attribute grading, and evolution system, all of which are common settings. The powerful characters in the game are all obtained by twisting eggs.

How to play

The gameplay for elimination, the game is mainly dragon ball sentiment games, the core of the game needs to understand the single card and team.

1. Simple to play, click the screen can release skills, but also need a little strategy.

2. Many classic characters cards can be obtained through the adventure, the formation of their battle lineup to sweep a variety of copies.

3. The classic plot restoration, the agent again and come to their super warriors of various planets fierce battle, to find the old blood.

Editors' Review

Dragonball Z: Dokkan Battle is a comic card against the station class game. It super restored the classic characters of the seven dragon ball characters, perfect reproduction of the skills of each character. Handsome super Saiyan let people recall their childhood days. Both Sun Wukong and Vegeta will debut in the Dragonball Z: Dokkan Battle, players can freely choose the role to fight, the game's battle is very exciting.

Game features

1. A popular animation "Dragonball Z" as the theme of the adaptation of the mobile game.

2. The game in the continuation of the previous game of world view based on the player needs to hold the Dragon Ball radar, in the West of the capital, the world's first martial arts venue and other "Dragon ball" in the well-known scene to find the Dragon Ball, the game uses the "Dragon Ball " in the history of the unprecedented "destructive combat".

3. The player can experience a new era of combat gameplay, make your kill technique and so on the big move to the opponent a fatal blow.

4. The player must quickly click the screen "gas" to carry out the battle full of speed. You can also make as if to destroy the screen of the superpower kill technique, give the opponent great damage, the enemy is blown away will also appear as if "crash" the player's cell phone screen effects.

5. So that the characters of the seven dragon balls practice, awakening, you can form their own strongest team.

Game highlights

Strong over-the-top action!

Simply tap the balloons on the screen for supersonic battles! Combat is so extreme your screen won't be able to handle it! Awaken the true potential of your favorite dragon characters and make them more powerful than ever! You've never experienced a dragon ball like this before!

Time is of the essence!

The story begins when the trunk of the time machine collapses on a planet in the land where the Dragon Orb schedule has been thrown into chaos! Who can be behind this sinister event? Go with trunks to unravel the mystery with a legion of familiar enemies along the way. The fate of the Dragonball universe falls on your shoulders!

Use your intuition to fight super exciting battles!

When you reach a certain condition, you can unleash a super powerful killing technique that will send your opponent flying. Try to collect all the characters in Dragon Ball to form the most powerful team.

Adventure in the world of Dragon Ball Z Battle!

Players can explore the world of Dragon Ball and fight against powerful enemies. In the exploration map, there is a chance to get rare items to enhance the fighting power.

The map levels will be presented in a Monopoly style table game

Players will be able to explore the familiar level maps of the original game, and also use a variety of powerful and magnificent moves to engage in exciting and bloodthirsty battles when they encounter powerful enemies.

Game reviews

The game is developed early, but the game's simple interface layout and graphics restore the style of the Dragon Ball animation.

The gameplay is still very classic casual dice tossing and strategy triple elimination 2D gameplay.The game plot and nurturing are very well done. Get the role can also use the card voucher exchange some better. Strengthening combat power is still mainly dependent on personal development progress!


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