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Five Nights at Freddy's is a horror game developed, produced and published by Scott Cawthon. Welcome to Freddy Fuzzy Bear's Pizzeria, magical space for children and adults alike, a place to experience lifelike fantasy and fun.

Five Nights at Freddy's is based on the Colorado [Chuck E. Cheese] restaurant murder case in the United States as the inspiration for the creation. It also has its own set of five children murdered background settings. The game is full of snowy security cameras, and the sound of the phone with the sound of electricity has been taunting you to build a horrible atmosphere, listening to the footsteps coming towards you step by step makes people feel a deep sense of powerlessness and fear. Each of the game series is very good.

Players will be in the first person perspective to stay in the guard room to look around, but also to rely on closed-circuit monitors, with limited power flashlights and button lights to observe the entire restaurant. Players also need to regularly watch CCTV 11 and the accompanying warning signs and control the music box in the prize pavilion to avoid the puppets from moving out. Each robot puppet has its own unique way of moving and will go crazy because of the player's control of the CCTV movement. If they can't cover themselves in time, they will come to kill the player the next time he puts down or is forced to put down the monitor and mask and declare the game to end in tragedy.

How to play

In the game players as a security guard to be safe in the pizzeria to persist through five nights, the front of the nights are not difficult, the only difficulty lies in the fifth night, the following is brought by the Five Nights at Freddy's pass method, hope to bring some help to the players.
The fifth night, the toys all out to come, a good trick is that the monitoring will be set where the Pirate Bay, because the bear moved, he will be accompanied by a burst of laughter before moving. So open the monitoring first close the right door, the bear with light can not be shined, when he is closer to your monitoring room, the laughter will be louder and louder, so hurry to close the right door. After looking at monitoring in the door, it moves in a way that you open the monitoring randomly move in a room, but will get closer and closer to your room. As for the left door, you should check it, do not need to mess with the monitor, just monitor the fox and the right door of the bear.

Editors' Review

Five Nights at Freddy's ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

The general background of the game is that you are a security guard, you should stay in a group of "live" machine doll activities in the pizzeria's surveillance room for five nights. You have to stick around from 12:00 midnight to 6:00 am. You can not move in the surveillance room, rely on surveillance to find the location of several toys, do not let the toys into your room. As soon as you fail, the toy will flash out its big head to scare you to suffocate. Initially you may not know how to play, but after understanding the game with your own exploration will be able to find out the correct way to play the game.

The store in order to attract more children in the store set up a lot of teddy bears, but at midnight these teddy bears inexplicably began to move up, the silent night create a scary atmosphere. So what exactly will happen on this night? Then let us enter the game to learn more about it!

Role introduction

Freddy Fazbear: Bear-type electronic doll, the main character of the toys, the front sign of Freddy's pizza store, but also the lead singer of Freddy's pizza store band.

Bonnie the Bunny: rabbit-type electronic doll, Freddy's Pizza bassist, holding a plastic bass.

Chika the Chicken: chicken-shaped electronic doll, Freddy's pizzeria's vice singer, holding a plastic cupcake, with an apron on his chest that says "Let's Eat!”.

Foxy the Pirate: fox-type electronic doll, it is a pirate, it is the theme of Freddy's pizza store Pirate Bay doll. The Pirate Bay has been closed for some reason.

Golden Freddy/Yellow Bear: the hidden egg role. Presumed to be a hallucination of the protagonist, is a powerless sitting on the floor of the golden bear-shaped doll, jumping to kill will appear on the screen the whole face and directly let the game crash.

Skeleton: it is placed in the maintenance room, at some point will look up at the player when the player checks the maintenance room monitor.

In the game, in addition to the horror of the teddy bear, a bunch of other dolls will also appear, and can also bring the threat to the player, although it is not very scary, we also have to look for ways to crack.

The fox's appearance itself looks very unkind, it will only come from the office door to attack the player, and the only one is not a plot to kill and can not use the mask to deal with the doll. Once players found the fox appear in the office door, you need to use the flashlight to force it back.


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