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Roblox is the ultimate virtual universe that lets you play, create, and be anything you can imagine. Join millions of players and discover an infinite variety of immersive worlds created by a global community!



In the mood for an epic role-playing adventure? Want to compete against rivals worldwide? Or do you just want to hang out and chat with your friends online? A growing library of worlds created by the community means there’s always something new and exciting for you to play every day.



Take the fun on the go. Roblox features full cross-platform support, meaning you can play with your friends and millions of other people on their computers, mobile devices, Xbox One, or VR headsets.



Be creative and show off your unique style! Customize your avatar with tons of hats, shirts, faces, gear, and more. With an ever-expanding catalog of items, there’s no limit to the looks you can create.



Hang out with friends around the world using chat features, private messages, and groups!

How to play

In Roblox, everyone can be both a game player and a game developer.

Players can use Roblox Studio to create physics-based interactive models, design complex geometry and game mechanism scripts. 

The completed game works can be directly published to mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, and other devices.

Players can also use the Developer Hub to find a wide range of teaching videos, communicate with other developers, browse API reference materials, etc. So, whether you are a player who loves pixel sandbox games or a geek who is interested in game programming, Roblox will always attract you.

Editors' Review

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Roblox has been called "the world's most popular game with 5- to 12-year-olds in the us. In fact, this massive multiplayer online game has recently outstripped even Minecraft's user numbers. It boasts more than 32.6 million daily active users as well as 8 million active creators. You can play it virtually anywhere, and it’s completely free to make Roblox account.  

In terms of gameplay, Roblox has the edge over Minecraft simply due to the sheer volume of gameplay options. Roblox is more of a game engine or gaming toolbox than a single standalone game. Gamers can play a near endless variety of games. Roblox isn’t really a game. It's a free platform where players can dip in and out of different virtual worlds and play any game in them. It’s packed with user-created content spanning a dizzying variety of genres and titles. 

This vast online platform where kids can create and interact in what its makers describe as "immersive 3D worlds." Players are given the opportunity to create an avatar (player) for themselves and allotted a small amount of digital money to rent a house. However, money to furnish and decorate the house requires real world money, with costs adding up fast. A variety of different outfits are also available to purchase which is a huge drawcard for many young children who want to make their avatar look as cool as possible. Players who don’t buy upgrades may be mocked by other players and pressured into spending more. That’s why It topped the pocket money spending charts in the UK in 2020 ahead of Fortnite.

Nevertheless, the keys to the platform’s success is the ease with which player can invite friends to join in different virtual worlds or games. They can spawn right next to each other at the click of a button. There are no lengthy downloads or loading screens, plus avatars and basic controls are universal. The sheer variety and quirkiness make exploration a lot of fun.

This social interaction amongst younger players has raised concerns among parent community. Like any online multiplayer game, there is little to no control over the types of people or age limits of those playing the game. Despite the fact that strict chat filters can be activated - blocking inappropriate words and phrases - children are still susceptible to being targeted by online predators. The game invites players to explore imaginary worlds of all kinds. Some of these are sexual in nature.


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