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Rockstar Games

For ages 17 and up

December 19, 2017

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Rockstar Games

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Rockstar Games

For ages 17 and up

December 19, 2017

Chinese (Traditional), English, French, Ge

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A newcomer to the all corners of the country, a bank robber who gave up the old business for a long time and a deranged murderer, who is caught in a horrific mix of crime syndicates, the U.S. government and the entertainment industry. They must work together to pull off a series of heists in order to survive in this cold-blooded, ruthless city. Don’t trust anyone, especially your accomplices!

Grand Theft Auto V is a world-famous crime-themed game developed by Rockstar Games, released in 1997. It mixes elements of driving, gunplay, fighting, farming and even management in the background of gangsters.

The Grand Theft Auto series has traditionally been a well-known action-adventure game set against the backdrop of gangster life. The main character naturally can not be separated from the mob. The game is based on the production of Los Angeles.

In GTA5 the game elements will be enhanced to include a more open and free world, story-driven, mission-based gameplay and multiplayer mode. The theme of the story focuses in Southern California.

How to play

First: the main line of tasks

As the main mode of the single player in Grand Theft Auto V, there are three protagonists. All have their own individual storylines, unique skills and so on. They can also cooperate together to complete the task.

Second: hobbies and pastimes

In Grand Theft Auto V, a very interesting place is that you can have a normal life, experience a lot of activities, such as racing, skydiving, playing golf and so on activities, or quite interesting, in addition to the main task, you can wander the city to experience.

Third: strangers and geeks

In addition to the main task, there are many side missions, in the side missions is called strangers and geeks. There will also be a lot of mission activities outside the main line. For example, paparazzi missions, tow truck missions and so on.

Fourth: random events

Random events is when you walk around, you will encounter some random events. Including character unlocking, rescue missions.

Fifth: collection tasks

Here the collection tasks include the collection of letters, submarine wreckage collection and alien items collection and so on. There are also some challenging tasks, such as flying car missions, flying missions and so on. It is also considered the exploration and experience of the map.

Editors' Review

Grand Theft Auto V  ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

Grand Theft Auto V is a classic action-adventure game. In this world, the player's task is to meet the various desires of the character, the background of the game is a modern and prosperous city, the player will play the role of evil, no rules, no constraints, release and vent bring players the first feeling, and this feeling has become the "Grand Theft Auto 5" series of games best-selling highlights.

Game introduction

Under the influence of ancient traditions left behind by Italian immigrants, family has become an important part of American gang culture, and for those lawless gangsters, family has an unspoken place in their hearts. This time our protagonist genius criminal Carl Johnson (friends call him CJ) after five years of quiet life, suddenly heard that his mother was killed in his hometown. This time his body in the "gang blood" again burning up, now CJ will return to San Andréa, in the dark battle between several underground forces again set off a new round of bloodshed. This time CJ will join his brother and revive the Orange Grove family. The fictional city of San Andreas is composed of three cities (Los Santos, based on Los Angeles, San Fierro, based on San Francisco, Las Venturra, based on Las Vegas) and miles of highways, deserts, mountains, rivers and lakes, San Andreas The scope of San Andreas is five or six times larger than the former Vice City, where you can find a variety of different styles of landscape.

Game setting

The games focus primarily on an open-world setting where players are free to decide when and how missions are carried out to advance the story, and there are also many additional missions available. The game combines elements of action-adventure, driving, and third-person shooting with a small amount of role-playing, stash and racing, and the series is also known for its superb freedom and variety of gameplay. Several of the series' protagonists attempt to advance their prestige in this fictional crime world, but their motivations differ from one entry to the next.

Game features

Grand Theft Auto V also includes Grand Theft Auto Online mode, a dynamic, ever-changing online world that supports up to 30 players simultaneously and includes all game upgrades and content updates since its release. You can make a fortune with your illegal trade and build your own criminal empire as CEO, create a motorcycle club to dominate the streets, team up with your friends on a heist mission, experience life-threatening stunt racing, compete in a unique competition mode, and create new content for the game and share it with GTA players around the world.

Game reviews

GTA5 is a game that can be played for years because you can experience all kinds of surprises around Los Santos. It's like a real-life world where anything is possible. You have an unparalleled degree of freedom while experiencing an exciting and profound black comedy. In terms of narrative complexity, GTA5 is a quantum leap forward for the entire Grand Theft Auto series. Its various mechanics and gameplay have also been improved in all aspects compared to Grand Theft Auto 4 (Grand Theft Auto IV). You'll notice when you first get started that the game's overlay system has become more reliable and the auto-aim feature doesn't seem overpowered.


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