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Oct 16, 2021


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December 15, 2021


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Pop all the bubbles in the most satisfying game you'll ever play! Can you pop 'em all?

POPOP! is a satisfying, relaxing, yet addictive puzzle arcade game that combines the ASMR sensation of popping bubble wrap with strategy and puzzle-solving skills!

How to play

Take turns against your opponent popping bubbles by clicking on a variety of different playing boards.

You can pop as many as you like in a line in one direction.

Win by being the one to pop the final bubble!

Be sure to carefully plan your moves ahead of your opponent, as games aren't always as simple as they look!

Editors' Review

POPOP! ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce. By JoJo

In my opinion, this is a good game. If you like pop music and want to find a simple game to pass the time, you can download it and try. You can also unlock "Free Play" mode and enjoy the satisfying ASMR fidget experience of popping whichever bubbles you want by yourself! When you first open the game, you will be asked to create your name and choose a flag, and then you can enter the game and start PK with your opponent. What's more interesting is that you can enjoy the ASMR sensation of popping bubble wrap while playing, and many different pop music boards are waiting for you to challenge! I also like the interface of the game, which is very simple but with bright colors, allowing you to enjoy a great audiovisual feast in the game!

The gameplay is also satisfactory. You can play against other players from all over the world and try to use your strategy to win among them. This is a very fulfilling thing. You can let go of anxiety and reap happiness in this calming game. Because its gameplay is simple and interesting, many kids will also play this game. They will calm down in the game and improve their concentration. Especially for children with ADHD, this game is a good way to cope.

However, this game also has some drawbacks. On the one hand, the game is interspersed with some ads that can't be skipped and closed, which makes the player have to spend a lot of time on the ads, which is no doubt frustrating. On the other hand is that there are not many things to explore in the game, after playing for a while you will feel repetitive and no new things can attract you anymore, you may gradually feel bored. If the game could add some new game modes or features, I find it would be more popular.


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