Angry Birds Friends
Angry Birds Friends
PvP Battle Game & Action Saga
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Rovio Entertainment Corporation

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Nov 22, 2021


Rovio Entertainment Corporation

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November 22, 2021


Rovio Entertainment Corporation


October 18, 2020


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Angry Birds Friends is a puzzle video game and the fourth game in the Angry Birds video game series. It is developed and published by Rovio Entertainment.


Play all of the classic bird-flinging, tower-crumbling, and pig-popping of the original Angry Birds, condensed into bite-sized, competitive tournaments. Compete with your friends and players around the globe!

How to play


Three tournaments a week, that’s 24 new levels each time!



See how your skills stack up to players the world over. Think you can make it to the illustrious Diamond League?



Play new tournaments based around holidays and other fun themes throughout the year.


Tournament Features:
➤ NEW Competitive Tournaments starting every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!
➤ Play 24 NEW levels every week!
➤ Challenge opponents and win to advance to higher leagues!
➤ Take hold of the top position for amazing rewards!
➤ Special Themed Tournaments every other week!


Star Cup features:
➤ Challenge other Angry Birds players one-on-one!
➤ Free Power Ups, Level Effects, and Special Slingshots on every level.
➤ Collect Feathers to level up your Birds and gain more scoring power!
➤ Win streaks! Win multiple matches in a row to increase your Rewards.

Editors' Review

Angry Birds Friends ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce. By JoJo


The game was originally an exclusive Facebook game called Angry Birds Facebook. It was released on February 13, 2012, and was renamed to its current name on May 23, 2012. The game, like many others, is highly colorful and cartoonish. While the soundtrack is a tad repetitive, you don’t notice it when you’re in the midst of a match unlike any other in the series. The game still follows the concept of a comfortable and relaxed shooting game. You must bring your birds into the Kamikaze Task Force, overthrow them, that is, remove the green pigs, and save these birds in prison. The main difference between this and other Angry Birds games is weekly tournaments in which you pit your scores against those of your friends. Unfortunately, Angry Birds Friends' pay-to-win structure dulls the overall experience.


The mobile version has six-level tournaments that change twice a week, at the end of the week, Angry Birds Friends adds up scores from all levels to see who is the best among your Facebook buddies. The social aspect is fun, and the game's interface lets you easily see who's on top. The top 3 winners each week earn in-game currency, called Bird Coins, which can be used to purchase power-ups or to acquire additional bird slingers. In addition, the mobile version includes four power-up practice levels where there are infinite power-ups available for use.


The game starts good and fair then in no time you make it impossible to have a fair chance at progression in the game I'm so frustrated with the gaming now. There are only 2 options in this game. First is the tower. The tower is fun for about 15 floors, after that the difficulty jumps from "this is super easy" to "wow, I have to use 14 powerups just o win the level and an extra 12 to get all 3 stars". The other mode is the tournament. So remember those power-ups? Yeah, they can be used here. You can resupply your stock of powerups with coins you get in-game or purchase them with real money. Everyone in this game is a money-bags so it's just pay-to-win.


The powerups bring some freshness, but they end up transforming the experience into something worse. You may be pulled in by all the traditional Angry Birds elements, and the social aspects will definitely excite you. However, I feel that in-app purchases have been the major problem with the game. Most individuals who would be willing to pay for the game probably would be glad to pay for the game one time instead of earning IAPs up to 99$.


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