Marvel Contest of Champions
Marvel Contest of Champions
Super Hero Fighting Game
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Kabam Games, Inc.

1.6 GB

Nov 30, 2021


Kabam Games, Inc.

1.4 GB

November 30, 2021


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Move the stage of the Marvel Universe to your mobile phone! Use your favorite Marvel superheroes and super villains to stage an epic duel in the ultimate cosmic battle! The biggest names from the Marvel Universe are ready to battle!

Daredevil, Storm, Juggernaut, Vision, Kabam’s beautiful brawler gives you control of dozens of beloved heroes and villains as you punch, kick, and blast your way across the Marvel universe. A simple and intuitive set of attacks, counters and special attacks make for edge-of-your-seat combat, but youll spend just as much time finding and upgrading your super-team. Figuring out the best way to use them is key to surviving bouts with relentless opponentsand progressing through treacherous story quests.

How to play


• Assemble a powerful team of superheroes and villains to create a strong lineup that the enemy will covet
• Earn rewards to upgrade the heroes' stats, abilities and special moves to form a powerful lineup
• Collect, level up, and manage your teams of heroes and villains wisely to receive synergy bonuses based upon team affiliation and relationships taken from the pages of Marvel Comics
• Implement different strategies and use multiple talent trees to strengthen the team’s offensive and defensive capabilities
• Collect more than 190 Marvel heroes, including Wolverine, Hulk, Black Widow, Groot, Panther, Thor, Daredevil, Golem, Laser Eye, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Phoenix and more! New heroes will continue to join the battle for supremacy!


• Hone your fighting skills and engage in a one-on-one duel with summoners from all over the world. The battle for supremacy is easy to master, but only the strong can truly control it
• Participate in major tournaments to earn the best heroes, rewards and notoriety!


• Team up with your friends and other Summoners to build the strongest Alliance
• Strategize with your alliance, help them keep their Champions in the fight
• Battle to the top in Alliance Events and take on Alliance Quest Series together in specially designed quest maps to earn exclusive Alliance rewards
• Test your Alliance’s mettle by battling it out with Alliances from around the world in Alliance Wars!


• Start an immersive storyline journey in Marvel's classic narrative mode to prevent the complete collapse of the battlefield!
• Launch epic battles in iconic scenes in the Marvel Universe such as: Avengers Tower, Oscorp, The Kyln, Wakanda, The Savage Land, Asgard, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, and more!
• Explore dynamic quest maps and engage in a healthy dose of action-packed fighting utilizing controls developed specifically for the mobile platform

Editors' Review

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There are warm-blooded fighting, cool interactive PK of superheroes, bid farewell to complicated operations, and easily enjoy the continuous skills and super kills. "Marvel Fighting" allows players to perfectly interpret the extraordinary duel between superheroes by simply sliding their fingers; whether it is steel The long-range light wave of the hero or the close and brutal action of the Hulk; whether it is Captain America’s mid-range containment or Spider-Man’s erratic position, "Marvel Fighting" maximizes the role of restoring the characteristics of the player.


Come to the ultimate rich and cool experience. The operation modes specially designed for mobile phones, such as sliding sprint and one-button breaking defense, greatly reduce the threshold of high-level operation skills, so that every player can find the pleasure of a master of combat! Get everyone's favorite superheroes and level them while playing thrilling epic missions. Experience more exciting actions in the PvP arena mode, where you can bring the best team into the world; release the unique superpower of each character, allowing you to complete various tasks.


Many superheroes under Marvel, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, and a wave of popular stars will appear in the game. The game uses HD graphics to give players a blockbuster-level visual shock, and full 3D character modeling makes the characters in the comics appear on the screen. The moves of each character in the game come from motion capture technology, so they look realistic and smooth. Especially when the superheroes use three nirvana techniques, it will be accompanied by close-up animations of real-time calculations, making the battle ignite instantly! 


The plot battle in the game connects the stories of the heroes, allowing players to have a deeper understanding of the concept of the Marvel parallel universe. Players can learn about the background and abilities of each hero's companion through the development of the battle and have the opportunity to make them develop more diverse plots. Interpret the Marvel-style epic plot and create unlimited linkage possibilities. The world of Marvel will open a new era in your hands!


Authorized by Marvel, the game fully includes popular characters in Marvel comics and movies, and strives to meet the collection needs of superhero fans. 


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