Help Me: Tricky Story
Help Me: Tricky Story
Impossible Mind Blowing Brain Game!
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ABI Game Studio

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Feb 2, 2024


  • Android

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Help Me: Tricky Story is an engaging puzzle game that offers a gripping storyline and exciting gameplay experience. In the game, the player becomes a protagonist trapped in a mysterious and dangerous world. To escape this trap, players need to solve various puzzles, explore the environment, and interact with the characters. The game uses a unique hand-drawn style, coupled with memorable music and sound effects, to create a game world full of mystery and tension. Help Me: Tricky Story provides challenging difficulty and a compelling storyline to keep players engaged, enjoying the puzzle-solving and the story's development.

How to play

In Help Me: Tricky Story, players need to solve various puzzles by clicking, swiping, and observing the environment. Players can explore different scenarios, interact with in-game characters, and discover hidden clues. By observing the environment, players can find items and apply them to the appropriate locations, unlocking new areas and puzzles. Each puzzle requires the player to use logical thinking and reasoning skills, and sometimes some creative solutions.


The game also incorporates several additional challenges and hidden puzzles that unlock special rewards and collectibles by completing them. These additional challenges increase the playback value of the game, allowing players to continuously challenge their puzzle-solving abilities and explore more of the game.


Throughout the game, players will gradually uncover the reason why the protagonist is trapped and the secrets behind the story. Engage in interaction and dialogue with the characters in the game and drive the story through puzzle-solving and exploration. The story is tight and gripping, and players will be drawn in, eager to learn more details and the truth behind it.

Editors' Review

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When we open the game Help Me: Tricky Story, the first thing we see is its unique 2D flat cartoon style. This game uses a line style, and matches the shape of the match, giving people a fresh and refined feeling. In terms of color, the game uses the light and elegant color matching common in puzzle games. Compared with simulation games, there is a great contrast in brightness, saturation, and other aspects, giving people a comfortable and relaxed visual experience.


The core gameplay of the game is to solve a series of difficult problems, and the solutions to these problems are often unexpected, but also reasonable. For example, in the first level of the game, we need to help the matchman solve the problem of drying the chrysanthemum and causing difficulty in excreting. The solution is not complicated, but full of humor and fun. This element of crude humor, borrowed from a classic saying of the non-famous crosstalk performer Guo Degang, is called "both elegant and popular."


In terms of handling, Help Me: Tricky Story uses drag-and-drop gameplay. Players can drag and drop items to change elements in the scene, thus achieving the dynamic effect of the physics engine. This mode of operation is simple and easy to understand, so that players can quickly get started, and with the progress of the game, the difficulty gradually increases, making the game very challenging.


In terms of storyline, Help Me: Tricky Story also has its unique features. Each level in the game is a separate story, and these stories are interconnected to form a complete worldview. These stories are full of humor and fun, but also full of surprise and moving. Players play the game not only to solve problems but also to explore the world, and feel the emotions and temperatures within it.


In addition, Help Me: Tricky Story has excellent sound design. The sound in the game and the picture complement each other, making the atmosphere of the game more intense. Both the background music and the sound effects of objects echo the worldview and emotion of the game, giving players a more immersive gaming experience.


Overall, Help Me: Tricky Story is a very creative and fun game. It has attracted a large number of players with its unique painting style, gameplay, and storyline. At the same time, it has also won high praise from players for its excellent sound design, good operation experience, and deep game content. However, no game can be perfect, and Help Me: Tricky Story has its flaws. For example, some levels are too difficult and can be confusing to the player; Some storylines may be too complex for the player to understand. However, these do not affect the overall quality of the game, as long as the continuous improvement and optimization, I believe that "Help Me: Tricky Story" will become a better game. Anyway, Help Me: Tricky Story is a game worth playing. If you like puzzle games or want to try something different, Help Me: Tricky Story is a good choice.


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