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True Skate
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True Axis

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True Axis

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Sep 28, 2022


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True Skate is the official Street League Skateboarding mobile game. You can do whatever you want around the well-designed skate park. Unlike other skateboarding games, True Skate doesn't let you skate in an open world as a human being, but instead you control the skateboard itself, and your fingers act as the skater. True Skate's view employs a third-person rear camera angle, and you can see where you want to go and what objects you want to hit. It feels like the entire park is at your fingertips, it's all about how you choose to tackle the terrain. Playing True Skate is a very liberating feeling. A word of caution: True Skate only has one skate park and includes extra content available through in-app purchases. Such as additional skateparks and locations and street league skateboarding lessons.

How to play

True Skate works much like Touchgrind, using various swipes and flicks to perform tricks on your board, all based on the physics of real skateboards. Tap the tail to pop the board, then quickly flatten it to complete a nice ollie, just like actual skating, and all other tricks branch off from there. Ollie and flick the side of your board for a kickflip, or scoop down the tail in a sort of "U" slide for a varial.


► Realistic touch-based physics.


► Flick the board to make it react exactly how you would expect.


► Drag your finger on the ground to push.


► A beautiful skate park to get lost in, including ledges, stairs, grind rails, a bowl, half pipe, and quarter pipes. (Additional skate parks are now available as an In-App Purchase)


► Slow motion.


► User challenges


► Replay sharing


► Global leaderboards

Editors' Review

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True Skate looks like one of the vintage games you would get on Google play like ten years ago because of the graphics and vibes that the game is giving the audience. And after doing more research, I was right because the game was published in 2013. Anyway, this is still of the cool games that you can download and I would imagine that everyone’s phone won’t have a big problem running this game since it’s a game that was released such a long time ago.


There are more contents you can get if you want to invest more time in the game by purchasing the bundle the game has and I totally get that because it’s the work the developers put in 9 years ago. The features in the game will make all of the skateboarders happy. It has basic physics law in there so there isn’t anything too crazy, like your skateboarding in outer space. The game provides you with the true skateboarding experience you would get in real life. If you are someone who can’t just get enough of skateboarding in real life but are looking forward to getting more of the experience on your phone or online, this game will fit your every need. The game will be suitable for those who are either too scared to try out skateboarding or those who always wanted to try but never got a chance. I feel like the details of the game are also the most attractive part of the gameplay. Your deck wears off just like you would imagine happening to real-life skateboards.


The overall game mechanism is pretty simple to understand and you just basically move your finger on the screen for the skateboard to move in the direction that you wish it will move it. The skateboard park isn’t the very best you would want to see since it’s a game that’s super old. But at the time, this beautiful skateboard park would impress most of the people who take a look at it. There is also a feature that you will see in Forza, rewind. If you miss one of the tricks or just simply feel you could done the move better than you were doing, you can simply rewind the game and make sure you can do everything just the way you want it to be. I’m also quite surprised to see the game has something like the world rank because this was just a one-time playable skateboard single-player game in my opinion before trying it out. But I guess some people spend hours and hours in this game just trying to make sure that they are becoming the masters that they always wanted to be.


This is a game that is worth its value and a small game so if you don’t have enough storage on your phone for whatever reason, this game will fit in just right. You can choose to unlock missions and unlimited rewind or bundles of skateboards. Personally speaking, I would just open the missions and in my mind, that’s the most important thing. Some comments criticize the game for making people enjoy the first 10 percent game and then asking them to pay for the rest. It’s understandable for those who are just trying to get back to their old memories than being asked to be charged by the company. I hope the developers can make the game totally free in the future and just make it the memorable one everyone had on their mind a long time ago.


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