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Wildscapes is a match 3 puzzle and zoo building game by Playrix for iOS and Android devices. Wildscapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. You will spend a lot of time in the game buying trees, buildings, and animals for your zoo. To do this, players must spend the coins and gems they earn through play or buy in the game store. Players can also use this currency to continue the game when they run out of turns or lives. Get ready for a wild ride! Create your dream park with dozens of adorable animals by solving colorful puzzles in this new Scapes™ series hit!

How to play

In WILDSCAPES, you have to fix your zoo so that more people come. Of course, once people are there, the goal is to get them to spend money so that you can further fix the zoo and repeat. In order to earn the money needed for these renovations and improvements, you must solve a series of increasingly difficult triple elimination puzzles. In these levels, you must move three or more pieces of the same type next to each other, thus removing them from the board and hopefully satisfying the requirements of the puzzle you are trying to complete.


● Enjoy your favorite gameplay: beat match-3 levels to restore the zoo!

● Match juicy and fruity items to complete unique tasks and win rewards

● Unlock more areas to welcome new animals from different habitats

● Play with custom options to design your zoo the way you want

● Decorate your zoo with unique objects from around the world

● Complete tasks for zoo visitors by helping them with their specific needs and wants

● Bring together whole families of animals to get even more rewards!

Editors' Review

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People who enjoy little animals are likely to enjoy visiting the zoo as well. A wide variety of animals inhabit the zoo, and you may see them without interfering with them. However, interaction with the animals is rare, and admission to the zoo is a somewhat high price. If you enjoy traveling to the zoo and want to interact with adorable creatures, Wildscapes is the place to go! This is a fun and creative free game in which you may design your own fantasy zoo by solving colorful puzzles. This innovative blend keeps the game from becoming monotonous and also incorporates animal characteristics. As you go through the game and unlock new locations, you will be able to acquire more creatures from various environments. Interested in experiencing the sensation of being surrounded by adorable animals? You may provide excellent care for your adorable animals by constructing a large enclosure for them in which they can go about freely without being confined. It is possible to design our fantasy zoo with cafés, fountains, play areas, and other gathering locations to attract more tourists with a little more imagination!


Do you want to establish the finest zoo on the planet? I'm going to tell you a few tricks. A beautiful zoo is a requirement for attracting animals to your facility. You may utilize the customization tools to make the zoo of your dreams, and the game also gives unique things from all around the globe to adorn your zoo, so feel free to express yourself creatively in this game! The completion of unique tasks and the earning of prizes by combining juicy and fruity products to assist zoo visitors to accomplish tasks and fulfilling their individual demands can increase your gaming experience and allow you to obtain the assistance of special animal boosters.


Wildscapes, in my opinion, provide a really comprehensive gaming experience that prevents players from becoming bored and monotonous. You may unlock more than a dozen charming and intriguing creatures in this virtual environment; animal enthusiasts will not want to miss out on this exciting new game. Wildscapes can assist you in the development of your design concepts at the same time. The décor for your zoo may be customized with a number of unique elements to make your fantasy zoo even more lovely. It is absolutely up to you how you want to dress; all you have to do is utilize your own individual imagination. At the same time, Wildscapes may excite your entrepreneurial abilities, allowing you to create certain establishments to attract more visitors, such as cafés, fountains, playgrounds, and hangout locations, which will help you to grow your business. It should be noted that this incredibly inventive and entertaining game is completely free.


Some gaming things, on the other hand, may be purchased with real money. If you do not wish to make use of this function, just disable the buy option in the "Restrictions" menu on your mobile device. Is it a very human response? If you enjoy animals but are really busy at work, you may want to try this game, in which you may establish a virtual zoo on this planet to suit your needs. Furthermore, Wildscapes offers a range of game modes that will help you unwind after a long day at work while also allowing you to lose yourself in enjoyment. In case you're bored or just want to unwind, this game is a perfect alternative for you. In addition, if you enjoy decorating and playing animal activities, Wildscapes has something for you. Wildscapes not only have adorable species but also allow you to customize a full zoo. Don't wait any longer, get in on the action!


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