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MIR4 is a legendary game with a lot of equipment, which all depends on the fight, super high equipment drop probability, super equipment is cool, the game operation is also very smooth, a variety of copies refresh at will, challenge different adventure tasks, get higher experience value.

With new professions and classic gameplay, you can participate in adventures and treasure hunts every day, and all equipment can be built by yourself. The game supports real-time voice communication, and you can engage in passionate battles with players from all over the world. High-fidelity graphics and sound effects bring you an immersive experience, and more interesting gameplay is waiting for you to explore!

How to play

Warrior, which path will you choose in the land of MIR?

Do you want a new heart-pounding experience?

Maybe live a peaceful life through hunting and gathering?

Or even wage war with other warriors and clans to conquer all.


Follow your heart and choose your path.

This is where your story begins ...... MIR4.


- The beauty and elegance of Eastern sports

Experience the graceful style of Eastern martial arts combined with real-time fluid combat action.


- All paths lead to your growth

Every trade has its owner! Tired of hunting? Try gathering or digging.

All your activities in MIR4 will eventually reward you for your character growth.

Your time and effort spent in the game will never be wasted!


- AI System Mitigates and Prevents Fraudulent Transactions

Advanced AI systems identify and prevent bot farmers and unusual transactions, providing a healthy and safe trading environment for all Warriors in MIR4.


- Free looting

An unprecedented free looting system that gives anyone the right to claim the loot.

Watch out for others when trying to loot!


- Blue Dragon Statues and Ancient Dragon Orders are your rewards for adventuring in the MIR lands.

Your time and effort in MIR4 will pay off handsomely!

The various adventures and content in MIR4 will provide you with great rewards in the form of Blue Dragon Statues and Ancient Dragon Tokens!

Collect these rewards in exchange for heroic items


- From my battles to our wars, castle sieges.

endless adventures to overcome my limitations.

Face the challenges of life and death with the clan.

Write epic stories through countless glorious battles.

At the end of your conquest, the strongest clan will be born!

Start your war now in MIR4 for the honor and legacy of your clan!

Warrior, which path will you choose in the land of MIR?

Do you want a new heart-pounding experience?

Editors' Review

MIR4 ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce. By JoJo

For players familiar with Legend IP, the emergence of MIR 4 will inevitably cause a sensation. The most important thing is the epic masterpiece scenes and grand worldviews, maps, and much interesting gameplay of the Legend in the past, so many players are looking forward to it. But in fact, the difference between the two is still very obvious, because MIR 4 is for global players, and the gameplay mode must be popularized to cater to the tastes of more people so that there will be a market. The gameplay of MIR 4 is more inclined to the growth and development of the character itself, such as training, treasure hunting, and picking. For large-scale team battles like siege wars and martial wars, MIR 4 emphasizes the struggle for resources rather than the PK that can be seen everywhere. Some fans of the Legend will complain that the changes are too large, but in my opinion, this is a performance in line with the current trend and an improvement.

I admit that this game has its charm, but it has too many problems, each of which makes you crazy. The first is that it is overrun with bots and nothing is being done about it. Bots have been an issue from the start of the game and all it would take is a few minutes of active attention on each server per day to identify them and ban them. Even if you don't get them all the first day the numbers will dwindle quickly. Normally you could just play around with the bots but these bots are taking up the most valuable resource in the game. This resource can either be mined, received as a quest reward, or purchased. The resource is used in over 90% of all crafting, enchanting, upgrading your character in any way, etc. The bots can teleport, and knock you off of the resource without actually damaging you. This wouldn't even be ok if they did damage you so that you can kill them and get your resource back, because there are so many bots they are programmed to have one knock you off and another take the resource that way you can't kill the one who got your resource. Even if you do kill them, they can resurrect and teleport back to the node in seconds where it should take them several minutes to get back on autorun.

Another issue is that PVP is so heavily punished in this game that if you kill a bot that was there just to take your resource and not damage you, then you end up suffering more because you can no longer gain XP at full value. That's right, the PVP penalty affects your growth as a player which is another thing the bots don't care about as they are just after the resource. Once you gain negative propensity because of killing a nonhostile bot you are then freely targeted by other players while you try to get rid of the negative propensity. The penalty for killing one none hostile bot is -999 propensity which means you need to kill 400 monsters within 5 levels of you to get back to getting full XP again.

The reason this resource is so heavily sought after is that you need over 4.5 million of the resource to make one epic item. If you cant farm the resource then you can only purchase the resource. This brings about the second-largest issue, in-game purchased based on luck. This means you spend real-life money to have a chance at getting something useful. If you don’t plan to put all the money you earn from your hard work into this illusory game, I don’t recommend you download it, because it’s just a waste of your time.


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