The Game of Life
The Game of Life
Hasbro's classic board game
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THE GAME OF LIFE is a board game for young and old people. The game is similar to flying chess, players will experience a variety of life on a small board. From birth to education, to get married and have children. Each level is full of choices. Your choices determine your life! Come and see what you have left in your life when you are old.

You can experience going to college, finding a job, and playing mini-games in this interactive game. You will view the pieces come to life and help them move forward through the stages of their lives on a familiar, charming 3D animated remake of the board.

How to play

1. When you first enter the game, the interface will be in English.

2. Then choose the game mode, "complete mode" needs to go to the end to finish the game, "fast mode" as long as the goal is reached to appear the winner.

3. There are several scenes to play, iOS version is free for a limited time, this game only open "classic mode" which can be played for free.

4. The game can be played at most 4 people, you can choose to add real players or computer players, each player can choose the avatar, gender, representative color and transportation.

5. In the game you can see the instructions card at any time.

6. One choice at a time, which will affect your subsequent life! To study or work it?

7. Even the occupation is also to draw cards to decide, first from the four cards to draw two, and then from the two cards to choose a career.

8. In this game, it has a lot of opportunities for roulette appearances, and a lot of action cards need to be paired with the roulette wheel to carry out.

9. All kinds of life, it all depends on how you choose at the moment, when you go to the end, it will count your life, all the cards obtained, purchase of houses, children will be converted into money, and finally the highest accumulated amount of people can win!

Editors' Review

THE GAME OF LIFE ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

THE GAME OF LIFE is a game similar to Monopoly in terms of gameplay. The plot and background of the game looks similar to The Sims, they are all about reaching a different future by making choices about life. Through that carousel to choose the number of steps to take, this game has too much uncertainty, the player can experience all kinds of life in this game, which makes the game much more playable.

The Game of Life is a 3D animated game, if you want to become the game of life victory, in addition to the decision you make in the face of multiple choice questions and the challenge comes when you do the effort, the rest can only be left to the turn of the wheel when the luck.

Game modes

The game offers a variety of modes, you can have fun with your family and friends, or you can connect to the Internet and invite your friends or other players online to challenge the game of life together, up to four people can play together, when you are alone, you do not have to be afraid of loneliness, because there are computer players to accompany you.

In the complete mode, each player needs to go to the end and settle the total assets accumulated in life, the person with the largest amount will win the final victory, but relatively need to spend a longer time to play. While the fast mode is to draw cards before the game starts to decide the goal this time, for example, the first to get 5 action cards or first to earn a certain amount of money will win, do not need to go through the whole life. The two types of play require different points of investigation, players need to change the way of choice depending on the situation, it is quite interesting to play!

The Game of Life features the much anticipated new and unique multiplayer mode. Online Matchmaking allows you to play the game online in a whole new way. Match and play against other online players, spin the reels, and move full speed ahead towards the yellow end of the road of life.

Game features:

1. Online multiplayer mode - match other players and race to the end of the yellow square.

2. Local Play - Play with up to three friends on one device.

3. Quick Mode - A new short game mode where you will face different winning conditions!

4. Minigames - Test your skills in a variety of minigames.

5. Chat - Send emoticons to express your mood during online matches.


In the game, you will make your first choice from whether to continue your education or go straight to work, but eventually, you will meet your other half on the journey of life, and it's a lovely game that supports multiple families! Then you can decide whether to have children, buy a house and so on, there may be accidentally more twins or triplets, in addition, there are also a lot of small games can make money, seriously play to earn more than others, this is a completely life!

Life is accumulated by one choice after another, whenever faced with the moment of choosing one or the other, after deciding the direction to go forward, in fact, it is the same as saying Goodbye to another life, I believe we have all thought that if we had chosen another path at that time, the life now would not be better, but we do not have the time to go back to the original decision to change, now "The Game of Life" can give you the opportunity to live a variety of different lives. The Game of Life" can give you the opportunity to live a variety of different lives, in a short game time, you can make a variety of different decisions, and quickly experience a variety of different lives!


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