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Monopoly is a classic game. The graphics are beautiful. Trade properties in secret, make strong deals, take bold risks and reap millions in cash. Buy palatial dream properties and show off upgradeable pieces. Compete with your friends via pass mode or local WIFI and get lucky with Fortune or Millionaire Lifestyle cards. Do you have the determination to become a real estate tycoon millionaire? Get going in the fastest-paced Monopoly!

Monopoly is a management game in which players will start Monopoly with family, friends or matched opponents by spinning around the board in a fair way to determine the number of moves and various props.

This is a unique Monopoly theme game never seen before, players can enjoy an original fun game challenge and adventure, enjoy the feeling and experience of playing with their family, feel the easy interaction and fun adventure, you can choose the multiplayer game, meet more adventure challenges.

How to play

1. Choose single player mode or online mode to start the game.

2. Set the number of local players and AI in single player mode, and wait for LAN players to join in online mode.

3. Select AI difficulty and player corresponding pieces to start the game.

4. Players complete their action turns in order.

a. Action players firstly throw the dice, then move clockwise according to the number of dice points.

b. Move to the corresponding cell on the map according to the number of dice points.

c. After the action part is completed, the player can decide whether to initiate a trade and use the card depending on the current situation.

5. At the end of one player's turn, the next player's turn begins and the game ends when one of the players is the first to have 1 million cash.

Starting Point (Go): Unique. The initial position of all players' pieces at the start of the game. When you pass the starting point again, you get paid and can choose whether to upgrade your pieces.

In Jail: Unique. Player pieces stay directly in the jail without any effect.

Free parking: Unique. A player's piece has no effect, no penalty and no reward for staying in a free parking area.

Go to Jail: Unique. If a player's piece stays in Jail, it is moved directly to the Detention Center and the player will miss the next action turn.

Millionaire Lifestyle: Three. Players whose pieces stay on these cells will receive cash rewards directly based on their piece level.

Chance: Three. Players who stay on these cells are given a range of points to be rewarded according to their rank. Players make a single throw with the dice and get cash if the points are within the reward range, otherwise they get nothing.

Proprety: There are eight groups of 22 properties. Properties can be purchased, auctioned or traded by players, and can be renovated and upgraded when players own all properties of the same color.

Editors' Review

Monopoly ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

Monopoly is a childhood memory, that's perfect for parents to play with their kids and enjoy a fun and wonderful bonding time. This game is perfect for parents to play with their children and enjoy the fun and wonderful family time. Here players need to plan their money and buy more properties, where children can learn more about arithmetic without getting bored.

It is a fresh cartoon style simulation game, in which players will play an interesting competition with other opponents. Players throw the dice to get more real estate, and there are various random events and gameplay waiting for you. The game is easy to play and can be played online in a variety of ways.

The ultimate goal of the game is to be the first player to have a million dollars in cash. It is important to remember that if one player goes bankrupt, the game ends immediately and the richest player wins the game. Players can acquire or trade properties in the game and increase the commercial value of the property, thus earning a significant amount of rental income from other players.

Game advantages

1. Buy, sell and plan your way to the richness of Monopoly.

2. This game is loved by a billion people worldwide. The board game is available on your phone and tablet!

3. Play Monopoly board games on your phone with family and friends in multiplayer! Experience the classic board game in a whole new way.

Game features

1. Colorful business duel, experience the most realistic business scenario.

2. Build your own business empire, and keep recruiting more elites.

3. Experience the most legendary rich life, step by step on the top of life.

4. Reasonable use of various funds to invest, so that their companies continue to expand.

Game highlights

1. Use our new fast mode to complete the game in an hour or less.

2. You'll spend less time in jail, build hotels faster, and end the game after the first player goes bankrupt. The richest player wins!

3. Create a custom game using your family's favorite house rules. Other house rules include the popular Free Parking Cash, No Jail Rentals, Auction Only or Buy Only properties.

4. Monopoly is family friendly and risk free for kids and it is puzzle!

Game Reviews

This is a nice simulation game in which players will experience the fun of Monopoly, a game that is really fun to play.

The game is simple and easy to play as players will keep buying more real estate, building houses and collecting toll.

You need to trade with other players to give yourself an advantage, recommended for players who like casual games.


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