Screw Puzzle: Nuts and Bolts
Screw Puzzle: Nuts and Bolts
Mind-bending conundrums await your prowess!
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Saay Whaat

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Nov 23, 2023


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"Screw Puzzle: Nuts and Bolts" is a captivating puzzle game that immerses players in a labyrinth of twisted iron sheets and intricate challenges. As skilled artisans, players are tasked with untangling screws and disentangling contorted iron components across meticulously sculpted levels. With a blend of spatial puzzles and strategic craftsmanship, this game offers a rewarding journey through the art of disentanglement and construction, calling upon players to showcase their intellect and dexterity in a captivating puzzle odyssey.  

How to play

The gameplay of Screw Puzzle: Nuts and Bolts revolves around intricately designed levels that present challenging puzzles centered on untangling screws and disentangling contorted iron components. Players navigate through a labyrinth of twisted iron sheets, bolts, rings, and ropes, utilizing strategic thinking and spatial reasoning to overcome each level’s unique obstacles.


As players progress, they encounter a diverse range of challenges, including metal masterpieces crafted from the plates themselves and the use of handsaws to expose additional apertures securing the bolts. The game requires players to showcase their problem-solving skills, foresight, and a keen understanding of the mechanics involved in untangling the complex interwoven elements.


The game's immersive experience offers a deeply engaging journey through the art of disentanglement and construction, providing a blend of strategy, craftsmanship, and cerebral acumen. Each level serves as a test of intellect and dexterity, inviting players to unravel the complexities of the game's puzzles one step at a time.  

Editors' Review

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Screw Puzzle: Nuts and Bolts is a captivating and intricate puzzle game that plunges players into the enigmatic realm of mind-bending conundrums and perplexing challenges. At its core, the game unfolds as a labyrinthine journey through twisted iron sheets and plates adorned with forsaken bolt fragments, presenting an epic and arduous puzzle odyssey.


In this immersive experience, players assume the role of a seasoned artisan tasked with deftly unlocking screws and disentangling each contorted piece of iron from a tapestry of complex impediments. The game unfolds across meticulously sculpted levels that present a mesh of interwoven metal plates, rings, and ropes at every twist and turn, immersing players in an intricate and immensely rewarding universe of problem-solving and spatial reasoning.


As players progress through the game, they encounter a series of challenging stages that unveil metal masterpieces crafted from the very plates themselves, adding a layer of intricacy and artistry to the gameplay. Additionally, some levels afford players the opportunity to wield a handsaw to carve these plates, exposing more apertures and securing their bolts, introducing a dynamic and multifaceted approach to puzzle-solving.


The game invites players to showcase their foresight, cerebral acumen, and strategic thinking as they navigate through compelling mazes within the township, each twist and turn serving as a test of intellect and dexterity. As players immerse themselves in this captivating universe, they are poised to challenge their intellect, conquer complex spatial puzzles, and etch their names into the annals of bridge construction legend.


Screw Puzzle: Nuts and Bolts is a rich tapestry of intricate challenges, masterful craftsmanship, and compelling puzzles that beckon players to unravel its complexities, one bolt at a time. With its meticulous design, immersive gameplay, and stimulating levels, this game promises a deeply engaging experience for puzzle enthusiasts and strategic thinkers seeking a thought-provoking and rewarding journey through the art of disentanglement and construction.


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