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The classic arcade machine has been upgraded to a unique online live event. Slip to the top of the leaderboard in the popular mobile version of this beloved arcade game! combines trendy art with the oldest classic snake game mechanics. Start as a little worm and try to grow bigger by eating each level. Worms travel through the food realm and try to beat the scores of other players-how long can you live?

Survive as much as possible in this addictive new free game, challenge your friends and strive to become the biggest worm in! Join millions of players now and play!

How to play is designed for smooth and fast performance, and its controls are designed for every mobile device. Snake has never been so fun or competitive before! Play games for free without wifi, or use the latest online mode through real-time activities.


Snake Classic Game

- Slide through the food field and let your snake grow

- Fun io game version of Snake

- Play old school Snakeio and try


Beat your high score multiplayer game for free

- Online leaderboards - see if your snake can beat the others!

- Challenge your friends to beat your high score

- Two-player mode - sit next to your friends and compete!

- Watch Gluttony games from our fans and join the online community!


Free Addictive Game

- Play games with fast performance on any device

- io games with smooth gameplay and mobile joystick controls 🕹️

- is free, or you can remove the ads!

- Watch the game online on YouTube and learn from the top streamers


Media Learn Action Live Ops campaign

- Battle against other snakes and snakeheads

- Compete with friends on leaderboards for high scores

- Fun new events with unique skins every month


No Wifi Games

- Offline io games without an internet connection are required. You can play whether you're offline or online!

Editors' Review ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce. By JoJo

This is the best game I've ever played of slithering games, super fun! Simple, easy game for anyone of any age. I love how you get to design your characters and unlock new characters; I love how you can run into yourself and you and you don't die that's the best part and how they give you plenty of times to restart but you're still the same height and size; I love how many numbers we can get and see how high of a champion we are. It's a fun and addictive game, It can keep you entertained for hours I have only been playing for 3 days and I am obsessed. There are so many fun skins and playing strategies. Also, it works without wifi so you can play it anytime and anywhere. 

What makes me more satisfied is that it is a free game, but it has fewer ads than any game I know. Every few plays there is a 20-sec ad. There is also an option to revive yourself by watching an ad and I'm so glad that the ads save me from dying. You only watch ads, a few times and it doesn't ruin gameplay! There are also many snake skins, which are unique and they all have their personality and habitat! You don't have to buy them you join earn new ones just by playing the game and they are so cute. is one of the classic games that I have owned, I love it, I always use it to pass the time in my free time. I would say this changes how I felt on slither io I like to play this app it has no glitches no lagging and it is enjoyable I do not see a reason to not like this app, just wish there was an option to get friends to join in on the same game with you. If so, it will be a perfect game, and I recommend everyone to try it!


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