Emoji Merge: Fun Moji
Emoji Merge: Fun Moji
Combine different emoticons and create your own emoji- icon!
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Jul 31, 2023


  • Android

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Emoji Merge: Fun Moji is an exciting and entertaining mobile game that combines the popular world of emojis with the addictive gameplay of puzzle solving. In this game, players are challenged to merge and combine similar emojis to unlock new ones and advance through various levels. With its vibrant graphics, intuitive controls, and engaging gameplay, Emoji Merge: Fun Moji offers a fun and interactive experience for emoji enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you're looking for a casual time-killer or a challenging puzzle adventure, Emoji Merge: Fun Moji is sure to keep you entertained and hooked.

How to play

With each successful combination, you'll unveil a brand-new emoji that reflects the fusion of its original components. Share your masterpieces with friends and family via the built-in sticker feature, allowing you to spread joy and laughter to everyone around you.

► Easy and simple for all ages.

► Completely free to play.

► Beautiful, colorful, and diverse visual emoji.

► More than 1,000 different icons.

► No time limit, unlimited play.

► Regular updates with new emojis.

Editors' Review

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Have you ever wanted to create emoji of your own yet have no tools for doing that? Do you feel that the current existing emojis in your chat list can not express your feelings to others accurately? Here is your chance to have a brand new emoji creation experience by playing this Emoji Merge game created by HIGAME Jsc. This game allows you to guess the original combination of certain newly created emojis by observing the features of each emoji. You can try this game for free by watching ads after several rounds of the game. By now, Emoji Merge has received an average rating score of 4.7 stars as well as 18.6k reviews. It has been installed by more than one million players all over the world. It has no restrictions in terms of age and everyone can enjoy this game.


So what are the highlights of the game? To put it first, the most attractive feature of the game lies in its innovative gameplay mechanics. Different from other Alchemy games, in Emoji Merge, players will create their emoji icons by combing all kinds of emoticons. Secondly, it only takes you to swipe between different emojis to match and merge them, which indicates the easiness of the operation system. Thirdly, tons of emoji resources are at your disposal, ranging from smiley faces, animated animals, and food, to national flags. By successful fusion, you will obtain new emojis and those masterpieces can be shared by you with your family and friends. As for the specific way to share them, it is the built-in sticker feature, which allows you to use those newly created emojis during your daily chat with people surrounding you. 


Emoji Merge is popular among players worldwide because of the following advantages. First of all, the game is suitable for people of all age range to play and it requires no special skills or backgrounds since the operations are quite simple and easy to master. Secondly, the game is free of charge and affordable for players. Thirdly, the game offers players high-quality visual features and enables players to have over one thousand emoji icons at their disposal. Fourthly, there is no limit in terms of the period so you can play the game as long as you want without spending any money. Finally, the pool of emojis will be kept updated so you will never get tired of combing new emojis. Nevertheless, Emoji Merge still has some drawbacks to improve. For example, although the game is free, some players might even rather spend money to enjoy the game because the pop-ups are displayed in high frequency, disturbing the gameplay experience of them. What’s more, there will be three ads presented in a row after each level, lasting one minute or so for players to wait before they can continue their game, which is quite time-consuming and make it impossible for players to enjoy the game. Despite that, Emoji Merge enables players to create new emojis by combining different existing emojis and they can save those newly created emojis on their mobile devices, which is the biggest strength of the game and make the drawbacks of the game not worth be mentioned any longer. 


To sum up, Emoji Merge is an intriguing and creative game as well as an emoji creation tool for players to activate their imagination to make unique emoji icons and make the conversations between the players and their family as well as friends more engaging and vivid. Thus, this game is worth a try and is strongly recommended for players who want to express themselves more innovatively.


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