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Roof Rails is a parkour game on the roof, Players need to catch the rails and slide to the next roof! Collect wood to increase the length of the part will automatically eliminate obstacles, you have to be careful of every obstacle here, if the pole is not long enough, you are likely to fall, every time is a great challenge for you, now let's enter the level and get ready to start the adventure!

How to play

The gameplay is very simple, swipe to control the little guy. Remember that collecting helps you grow your pole

■ Catch the rails and slide forward, avoid all obstacles

■ Collect as much as possible to make your pole longer and longer

■ The length of the pole will not affect your ability to move and jump

■ There are many interesting levels are waiting for you

Editors' Review

Roof Rails ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce. By JoJo

Roof Rails is an online 3D game, it is both a collecting arcade and an avoiding adventure game with three-dimensional game art animation. It uses very exquisite cartoon-style graphics, which are simple and refreshing, bringing players a very comfortable visual experience. The gameplay is also very simple, just like the typical parkour game, you only need one finger to complete.

Control the character to slide on the roof, you need to use the pole to overpass each interspace with only two paralleled beams when you have enough length over the beams. When sliding, try to collect as much as possible to make your pole longer, and make sure that you will not slip down, but be careful to avoid the sawtooth, it will cut off your pole. You have to reasonably control the distance from the obstacle to keep your pole at the best length. More importantly, do not deviate from the track when sliding, otherwise, it is easy to fall from the roof and start over. Try your best to save your stick and get to the final platform in Roof Rails!

I think the concept of this game is interesting, you got to get the person across different rooftops with speed, a rollerbar that gets bigger as the person gains points, more attached bars. But, don't get caught up in the sawmill or sanding paper trail, it chops the rollerbar in bits, reducing it, whereby, the person won't glide through the obstacle course quickly, and reduce its speed. This all looks interesting, but I won't keep playing this game because I can't stand its ads.

Horrible. I've completed 10 levels and already I've seen almost 30 ads. 12 of them come from upgrading the rail which you will need to do to survive some of the trickier levels, and I only have it to 17. This might as well be called ad rails, not roof rails.



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