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2K, Inc.

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Apr 6, 2021


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NBA 2K21 is the sequel of the basketball sports game "NBA 2K" series. Developed by 2K, the well-known basketball game "NBA 2K21" officially landed on PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC platforms on September 4.

In NBA2K21, MyTEAM, MyCAREER, Neighborhood Block and other play modes have been newly changed. First of all, the MyCAREER mode (MC mode) that everyone likes so much will be re-provided with content from the college. The development team said: "NBA 2K21" has obtained the authorization of ten American universities, in addition, the game also provides the story line "Long Shadow", the player's father is also a respected basketball player.

Meanwhile, the MC mode in NBA 2K21 is still star-studded, including Jesse Williams in Grey's Anatomy, Michael K. Williams in Seaside Empire, Djimon Hounsou in Blood Diamond, Mireille Enos in Murder, and the cover stars Damian Lillard and Zion Williamson, they will touch all sorts of sparks with players in the story!

How to play

Season mode is the core gameplay of 2K21, players will get experience value by completing various tasks, and then get the corresponding rewards after upgrading. The game takes 42 days as a period, and the rewards and tasks will be changed for each season. Among them, the daily tasks will be updated at three o'clock every afternoon, and three tasks will be updated each time, which will earn a total of 300 XP. The daily tasks are the least difficult, and it is recommended to clean up every day. As for the moment task is based on the previous day's player performance in the game. This is actually a way to manage your money, predicting the players who may come out of the mission afterward by their game performance, buying them in advance at a low price and then selling them at a high price after the mission appears. But some of the moment task difficulty is still quite high.

Collecting cards is also important. The game contains more than 4,000 player cards, including each player of different periods, such as No. 8 Kobe and No. 24 Kobe, Knight Jen and Lakers Jen and so on, there is a legendary story behind each card, which can evoke the basketball feelings of everyone, which is undoubtedly the most attractive place in MT mode, and when you draw from the card pack of your favorite player, that feeling is simply wonderful. In addition, 2K21 this year also added a number of new ways to play, such as the dynamic season gameplay, the game will launch a large number of new challenges and rewards in each season, to ensure that your liver up, and when you reach full level in the first season, you can also get the pink diamond level Steph Curry.

Editors' Review

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NBA 2K21 has been significantly improved in terms of graphics, gameplay, competitiveness and community online features. The "Pro stick" system has been added, allowing players to have more actionable skills when dribbling and shooting, making players' operations more consistent. In the career mode, players can experience the whole process from high school to college and then to the NBA, enjoying the unique story storyline step by step, and also participating in niche basketball leagues.

In NBA 2K21 MT team mode, players will be the top administrator of a basketball club, you can adjust the team's lineup to participate in the NBA's top league, to accumulate points for the club until you get more rewards in each season. Only by playing better ball skills on the court and accumulating more scores can you gain unlimited glory in the league.

In NBA 2K21 MC mode, you will also be sublimated and given a new lease of life. The new career storyline gives you the opportunity to interpret your basketball life. Stronger AI allows you to feel the real NBA level matchups in the game. The original numerical mechanism will be retained while also simplifying the means to improve attributes. So you can have more time to enjoy your NBA life. Do not forget the badge system, not only as a collection element, but also allows you to create a completely unique player in terms of ability.

Game features

1. Build your own player

In MC mode, we can make a face by some models and parameters given by the game. From face shape to height to body shape, you can adjust anything you want. In addition, if you are not good at face painting, this game also provides a scan face function, which can directly input your own face data into the game.

2. Customized action

Shooting and scoring is the core of NBA 2K21 and what affects the shooting percentage is not only the timing, whether people are defended or not, but also the shooting action. If you want to improve your shooting percentage, you can choose the most suitable action for yourself.

3. Skills

As an NBA player, if you want to become stronger, you have to continuously improve your abilities. In the game, abilities are divided into four major sections: finishing, shooting, organization, and defense/rebounding.

4. Skill Badges

Badges correspond to the skills of the character also have four categories: finishing, shooting, organization, and defense/rebounding. The badges can improve the player's ability and attributes to play a key role on the court.

5. Fantasy Team

In NBA 2K21 Fantasy Team, lead your dream team into battle. This mode has the strongest linkage with the NBA. This time introducing the season concept, which will last approximately six weeks, with new content released in this mode throughout the life of NBA 2K21. All MyTeam players will be able to participate in Seasons for free.


Women's WNBA mode, featuring 12 WNBA teams and over 140 female players, as well as a gameplay style and visuals designed specifically for female players.

Game review

NBA 2K21 as the world's best basketball game at present, not only brings players a new experience, the game's special Mamba Eternal Edition also brings a special memento for fans. In recent years, the 2K series in the AI player cooperation, the game's control, the realism of the screen and many other aspects, which has surpassed the level of many similar basketball sports games, coupled with the release on multiple game platforms across the network, taking care of the game experience of different types of players on different game platforms, and wins rave reviews!


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