3pt Contest Basketball Games
3pt Contest Basketball Games
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December 1, 2021


Webelinx Games


January 19, 2022


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3pt Contest: Basketball Games is a basketball simulator developed by Webelinx Games for true fans of sports games. In this game, your task is to shoot as many three-pointers as possible in one minute. Come and try how many 3-pointers you can make in the classic strategy/sports game 3 Point Contest!

How to play

It’s time for the ultimate 3-point shootout! Once you hone your shooting skills, you can enter a league and compete for amazing prizes! Can you win enough 1v1 duels to make it to the top 3 and secure your place on the podium?


➤ Create your own player and shoot 3-pointers around the globe! Travel from one city to the next, gain experience points, and complete challenging missions.


➤ Compete in leagues - 9 regional leagues a worldwide basketball championship for the top basketball players!


➤ Improve your shooting skills, play 1v1 duels to win incredible prizes!


➤ A chance to win unique customization items in each league - climb to the top of the leaderboard and walk off with a special set, ball & mask.


➤ Special rewards include in-game cash, boosters, and customization items.


➤ Not happy with your performance? Replay the league, improve your ranking and become a basketball champion!


Take a deep breath and shoot for the hoop - just like in real life, there’s a minute on the clock and you must make as many baskets as you can to win and become a basketball star! Once you feel the thrill of shooting hoops around the world, there’s no going back - you will be hooked on this competitive basketball game!

Editors' Review

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3pt Contest: Basketball Games is a fantastic, entertaining basketball game with loads of levels that basketball fans will be sure to love. You'll play street basketball and shoot 3-pointers on over 25 unique basketball courts in major cities around the world. Lots of challenging levels are waiting for you to complete, each level has 3 tasks that you must complete to move on to the next level. The game will provide you with two unique game modes, day and night, for you to enjoy a dynamic game space. Once you pass all the levels in the daytime, the night mode will be even more challenging! In day mode, there will be challenges of varying difficulty that will require you to quickly overcome new objectives. However, you will experience even more exciting and desirable features in Night Mode. Perhaps you have been acquainted with famous and energetic sports games, but the 3pt Contest will be the perfect experience if you want a deeper understanding.


3 Point Contest has intuitive controls: just tap and hold on the screen, and lift your finger to throw the ball. Of course, since your goal is to score as many 3-pointers as you can in 60 seconds, you'll have to lift your finger at just the right time to score points and show off your basketball skills. As you play, you can move anywhere on the 3-point line. You start shooting from one corner of the court and move from one position to another along the 3-point arc until you reach the other corner. The simple operation allows different players to adapt to the game quickly, so you don't have to worry even if it's your first time playing. In addition, you have the freedom to create your own strategies to make intelligent passes and go straight into the basket.


Starting the game, 3pt Contest will take you to a vibrant game space where powerful fighters are located. You first need to choose a character and equip clothes and other items to be ready to fight, you can customize your player’s appearance from head to toe: jerseys, sneakers, wraps, bands, masks, and more. Just like any other basketball simulator, in the 3 Point Contest, each character will have their own strengths and experience, and you can sign on new players and equip them with power-ups to improve their game. The game will be divided into two main teams and your task will be to play well and coordinate other tactics to bring victory to yourself. Enemies will have their own skills and dangerous moves, so you need to focus on winning. The game will provide you with ten regional and global tournaments to experience and express yourself. You'll have to practice your skills and gain more knowledge in each mission in order to win in leagues and compete for amazing prizes!


As the game progresses you can earn experience points and various rewards that can help you play better in the game. Rewards include in-game cash, boosters, and customization items(special set, ball & mask), boosters to improve your game, and shoot for that basket with confidence! Plus, daily missions offer extra practice, as well as more experience values and rewards. Spin the wheel every day for a surprise bonus! With PREMIUM SPIN, you can earn even more incredible prizes! The game also offers special deals for loyal players! Collect as many rewards as possible and upgrade the necessary items to show your abilities and win the highest position in the game. Finally, one of the most striking features of this game is its spectacular, realistic 3D graphics, which give texture to every shot the player makes.


Overall, this excellent basketball simulator has great graphics and simple controls and is a great time killer. If you like games related to good sports, then 3pt Contest: Basketball Games is a great choice!


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