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Marvel Snap is a thrilling card game that allows players to collect and battle with their favorite Marvel superheroes and villains. Each player selects a team of heroes and villains to duel against their opponents. The game utilizes a unique snap mechanic where players must strategically snap their cards against their opponents to deal damage and ultimately triumph. With stunning artwork and an array of characters to choose from, Marvel Snap is the perfect game for any Marvel fan looking for an exciting and competitive game experience.

How to play

Unleash the entire Marvel Multiverse in this fast-paced card battler.



No more waiting around! Every game lasts only around three minutes. We cut out the fluff to focus more on the good stuff.



Play your cards at 50 different locations from across the Marvel Universe, each with iconic game-changing abilities. From Asgard to Wakanda, new locations are introduced weekly to put your creative problem-solving skills to the test.



Feeling confident about your chances of winning? Just "SNAP" to raise the stakes during a match. Hey, even if you're bluffing—you could double your rewards!



No other game lets you collect, mix, and match hundreds of hero and villain variants from the entire MARVEL Universe—and beyond. You might have a classic comic-inspired Iron Man card, but do you also have the Chibi, 8-bit, and Cartoon variants? Endless art styles let you flex your favorites in unique new ways. You do YOU!



MARVEL SNAP stays fresh and exciting with new cards, new locations, new cosmetics, new season passes, new ranked seasons, new challenges, new missions, and new events on the regular.

Editors' Review

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Marvel Snap is, of course, marvel game that’s a card game that requires you to build up your dream team. The best thing about this game is the fact that you get to choose from all of the characters no matter if they are supervillains or superheroes. They are all here for you as the players to fight for you and your job is to have the best combinations of people to defeat your enemies. It’s a relatively fast game so you will have to arrange your cards in a strategic and well-thought form to spend less effort and less time to defeat opponents.


Every battle in the game is about 3 minutes, so you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time on the game if you are busy doing other things in life. I mean it can be a good thing when it comes to the short battle time that players will have but personally speaking, I would rather have 5-10 minutes battle that requires me to actually do stuff would totally be a better fit for me since it’s not shallow gaming of short period of time.


There are multiple locations of iconic Marvel places where those battles can take place. I love this idea since I don’t read comic books but I’ve watched plenty of Marvel movies. It’s awesome to see those places that I’ve seen in those movies. It’s fascinating to see how they arrange those places in the background with all the details and amazing background music. The interesting thing about this feature is the fact that every map or I should say the place has its own rules. They are also constantly updating the map which makes the game more fun and more playable in the long run. You get to collect a ton of Marvel characters that you might have known or don’t It’s a great thing to do in the game if you are close to the Marvel universe and you don’t know all of the characters.


To add more, I’m the biggest fan of their poster. It’s well made and it’s appealing to an audience. Those characters look like they are alive in real life and full of possibilities. The artists in the game content-wise won’t disappoint you at all because of how great those posters are made. The basic mechanism and UI UX system are straightforward and function the best on your mobile devices, so there aren’t any slow down in the game or lagging that I’ve encountered.


Well, the game itself was newly published so it’s pretty cool to see new games on the mobile phone making great progress but I feel like the game needs to speed up the paste in the collective sense. It’s extremely hard for players to progress after a while and it seems like everything slows down if you don’t spend any dollars on those overpriced bundles. I mean, it’s cool that the developers and the big company need money and investment return but the game would have to be nicer to those who don’t want to spend as much money on the game because they are the majority of people who games. It’s hard to attract individuals if your game asks players to only spend money in order to get success in the game. I feel like it’s shame that the game isn’t ideal for those who don’t want to spend money but still want to have a good time. The developers need to think of something to bring up to the table, so all of the players, no matter how much money they spend, will enjoy their time at Marvel Snap.


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