Minion Rush: infinite run game
Minion Rush: infinite run game
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Nov 24, 2021


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July 28, 2020


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Minion Rush with an endless hunting journey with the Minion character draws players' eyes from the first screen. The players play the dear Minion and take part in the fun chase. Along the way, players must collect bananas, just like minions collect bananas - their favorite food in the movie. Players will also have to overcome the obstacles that appear on the run and complete interesting tasks. This unlimited running journey will cast a spell over you.


Illumination, Universal, and Gameloft have teamed up to bring you Minion Rush, a family-friendly endless runner game where you’ll dash off with the Minions on a series of secret missions for Gru and the gang.

How to play

Whether you race through the neighborhood, dodge traps in the Lab, or jump into supervillain hideouts, there are always new adventures and challenges. Maybe you’ll run into El Macho, play a game with Margo and the girls, or learn to be the greatest Minion Secret Agent of all time.


Are you ready to test what you are capable of? Run, jump, tumble with the minions, dodge obstacles, try on cool costumes, exploring locations from the minion franchise.


■ Endless Running with the Minions


The running isn’t the only thing that’s endless. The Minions have packed this family-friendly action game with exciting missions, levels, items, and crazy costumes to dress your Minion however you like. Plus, fresh adventures and content are added constantly, so you never run out of despicable fun.


■ Top-Secret Stuff


Different stories and prizes can be unlocked by completing Special Missions. But you’ll have to find the Secret Area that’s hidden in each location by using a variety of running skills and acrobatics.


■ Enter the Minion-verse


Prepare to tear it up in wild locations from throughout the Minions’ history. So you’ll dash through the Anti-Villain League HQ, raid Vector’s lair, hang ten on the beach, and maybe even travel through time.


■ Collect costumes


Costumes aren’t just cool clothes: They’re your key to victory. Unlock dozens of costumes to access each one’s special ability, like scoring bonus points, extra running speed, or grabbing more bananas. An essential tool for completing difficult missions.


■ Endless run mode


Have what it takes to be a Top Banana? Compete against players from all over the world in this fun challenge with rising ranks, global leaderboards, and plenty of prizes for all who participate.

Editors' Review

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Minion Rush is not only a mobile parkour game with all the fun of the Despicable Me and Minions movies; it's also a free hit on mobile with all the simple action and stunning graphics that make this endless parkour game enjoyable for everyone. Have fun completing intense missions with a bunch of power-ups and unexpected twists and turns. There's a ton of nasty action in there for you too! Thanks to simple controls and unlimited action, you'll understand what needs to be done in seconds. All you have to do is run, sweep, dodge and jump, and you'll never get bored!


It includes more content, more appearance options (in Minion Rush's case, costumes), and more seasonal activities. It's easy and fun for all ages to play by running, jumping, and dodging with little yellow men. You can enjoy running through a variety of fun scenarios and collecting tons of costumes in different background settings of the game. Unlock dozens of costumes to gain special abilities for each one, such as gaining bonus points, extra running speed, or grabbing more bananas. Whether you choose to play as a surfer, ballerina, spy, cupid, or cancanista, there's something for everyone.




Run with your favorite minions

- Start your career with the beloved Servil Dave and complete exciting and fast missions.

- Unlock other runners like Carl, Jerry, and Mel as you collect more costume cards.


GRU's Lair

- Discover and navigate the different themed lobbies, each of which brings a unique and fun running quest or game activity.

- Complete quests in each room to unlock prizes and discover more interesting rooms.


Incredible costume collection

- Unlock dozens of unique and original minion costumes and add new ones regularly.

- Collect costume cards as you race to unlock costumes like Surfer, Ninja, Lucy, and more.

- Each costume has special abilities, energy boosts, and styles that will help your minion in his dastardly tasks.


Iconic Places

- Run around in stunning 3D game environments inspired by the locations of the Deus Ex movies. Feel the excitement as your minder races through Bratt's Den, the League of Anti-Villains, the Egyptian Pyramids, and more.




Minion Rush is not only a mobile parkour game with the same humor as Minions and Despicable Me, it is also a popular game that can be installed for free on your cell phone, with extremely simple movements and beautiful graphics. If you're adventurous enough, you'll find a cache in every location. But you'll have to show great running and sliding skills to get there! With each update to the game, it's fun to unlock new stories that will last a while in special missions! I love this mobile racing game with all the cinematic fun!


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