Fit and Squeeze
Fit and Squeeze
Can you fit them all?
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Just click the button and try to fit all the balls into the jar!

The player needs to do is to successfully fit all the balls of different shapes in different containers.

Since the shape of the container varies in each level, players need to choose the order of discharge of the different sized balls according to the specific situation of the container, so that they can achieve the goal of passing the level.

The game is amazing in terms of gameplay, players need enough energy and patience to complete the test, the right approach can be used, the wonderful ideas thinking can produce results, the time is ripe to have the relevant rules, keep some experience, all kinds of the ball can be loaded, you should carefully observe and find the rules!

In the game, players simply click the screen to control the ball jumping to avoid the danger to complete the task.

The gameplay of Fit and Squeeze is very simple and easy, just tap your finger to complete a variety of game levels, many different challenges await you, you should double-click the ball to jump and move. The difficulty of the levels is gradually escalating, many different gold rewards can be obtained, the final battle is more exciting, you have to run on a track, you can know many other ways to play this game.

How to play

Fit and Squeeze’s gameplay is very peculiar, where the game can be completed by clicking, this game is a great test of players' patience, in the bottle filled with small balls we click to pass according to the requirements of the game, but you must be patient observation, sometimes you will wait a long time, but it does not matter. Let’s try your ability to see how many levels you can pass it!

1. Exercise the flexibility of the mind, players can enter here and try different processes.

2. A particularly interesting session occurs, reliable teammates can help you, loading things very quickly.

3. Compete for points, get a lot of gold rewards, and complete the final challenge.

4. Exciting gameplay, lead our matchmaker to start an exciting adventure duel.

5. Rich game task challenge, complete our various tasks and get rich game rewards.

6. HD game quality, excellent game scenes, experience more joy and excitement in the game. 

Editors' Review

Fit and Squeeze ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

Fit and Squeeze is a very interesting ball squeeze challenge game, a very casual decompression game. There are different transparent bottles with different shapes and colors. The player can see the import of different sizes of small balls, the ball discharge order according to the size of the arrangement, you should successfully load all the balls.

Players have required enough energy and patience to complete the test, you can use the appropriate method, fantastic ideas can produce results. When it is an appropriate time, there are rules associated with it. It is good to retain some experience, offering a variety of sizes of balls that can be put in, look carefully and find patterns that are particularly interesting.

Game features
1. Exercise the flexibility of the mind, players are able to enter here, and then try different processes.

2. Particularly interesting links occur, reliable teammates are able to help you, loading things is very quickly.

3. Compete for points, but also get a lot of gold rewards, complete the final challenge.

Game highlights
1. In the game, players through different levels to experience different difficulties to experience the fun of the game.

2. It is very easy to play the game which is accepted by most players, and easy to operate and learn.

3. Through the continuous adventure challenge can get more over the gold in the mall to buy more skin.

4. High-definition game quality, excellent game scenes, in the game to experience more joy and excitement!

5. Exciting gameplay, lead our matchmaker to start an exciting adventure duel

6. Rich game mission challenges, complete our various tasks and get rich game rewards!

Game reviews
You will see a variety of items which can be crushed to destroy, enjoy this wonderful process, each time it will be released from the pressure of their lives, which is more novel play is definitely very much to be expected, and the style of painting will be able to make you satisfied, it has fresh appearance without visual fatigue.

Players knead balls when using the physics engine rendering to make the whole game graphics more realistic and dynamic. Along with the game, players constantly knead the balls under the hydraulic machine, which will make various sounds with it. The kneading strength of the hydraulic machine will be the player's control constantly change, the perfect interaction to add a decompression effect.

This is a very interesting casual game, the game process requires full use of the brain. The levels are very diverse and each level requires careful thought, so it is recommended to download and play. If you are interested in this fun brain-burning game, don't miss it.


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