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For ages 13 and up

February 4, 2019

Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional),


For ages 13 and up

February 4, 2019

Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional),

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Apex Legend is a battle royale shooting game developed by Respawn, the production group of Titan Skyfall. It is released by the world-renowned game maker EA in February 19, and then has millions of users in just a few days, widely acclaimed by players. This game combines a variety of current game play, integrating all kinds of interesting elements into this game, on the one hand, integrating the Battle Royale game mode, players will take the plane with teammates and land together to the island, you need to pick up the weapons and equipment on the ground, and survive in the ever-shrinking area. On the other hand, Apex Legend combines the unique character elements of League of Legends. Before the game starts, players need to choose the character, and in the selection they need to consider the collaborative ability of the whole group. In addition, Apex Legends has 8 distinctive legends who have 3 completely different skills as well as being divided into three types of output, tank and support, players need to consider good teamwork in their choice.

Although Apex Legends is a free-to-play game, there are a lot of skins for the legends and weapons in the game, and players need to spend money or gold to unlock them if they like the skins. In the game, players can invite 2 friends to form a team, and can also form a team with passers-by.

How to play

First of all, we have to be familiar with a few of the most basic prop shortcuts to operate.

1, 2 switch weapons

3 put away the weapon to speed up the running speed.

4 use the healing box.

G Throw (long press to open the throw menu)

Middle key mark (long press to open the mark menu)

1. Your teammate will not die immediately if he is killed, so you can quickly approach him and hold E for first aid. However, first aid takes time and is easily interrupted by enemies and sneak attacks, so you have to clear out the threat in advance or in the case of cover and shelter to complete the rescue well.

2. If the opponent is your enemy, then try to attack the enemy after knocking the opponent down.

3. If you have a character with healing skills, such as lifeblood. You can release healing skills to assist your teammates. Q button to cast normal tactical skills.

4. If your teammate cannot live, then you have to press E near him to pick up its flag emblem. As long as it's not a full reunion yet, you'll have a chance to win the game.

Editors' Review

APEX Legends ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

APEX Legends is a battle royale game. This game features no single player, double row or four row, but only 3-player team play, with a total of 20 teams of 60 people parachuting on an island to collect resources, shooting against each other from a first-person perspective, and fighting until the last team rests. The biggest feature of APEX Legends is that each character has its own special skills, and there are 8 characters available in the game.

Game features

1. A range of legendary characters

Master an ever-increasing number of powerful legends, each has their own personalities, powers and skills. It is easy to learn and hard to master.

2. Build your team

Choose your legendaries and match their skills with each other to create the ultimate team with other players.

3. Tactical Battle Royale

Use your skills and your resourcefulness to make tactical decisions, adjust your team's strengths and continuously face new challenges as the game evolves.

4. Game-changing innovations

Experience a new variety of innovative features that will take Battle Royale to a new level: respawn signal stations, smart communications, smart prop bars and a new jump leader deployment system for entering matches.

5. Sweet loot

Enter the battlefield and pick up a variety of powerful weapons, diverse accessories and great armor to protect you in battle. After battle, you can collect a variety of cosmetic options to personalize your character and weapons, and unlock new stuff.

Game highlights

1. Join a battle to make your skilled character's power to transform into a real powerhouse through the fire of battle.

2. Accurate shooting to improve their skills can let you win more honor and rewards in the battlefield.

3. The game has the rhythm of intense, but also pays more attention to teamwork, you should use your wisdom to defeat the enemy.

4. There is a large 3D map, you can enjoy running, jumping and shooting, and then use your strength to create a variety of legends!

Game review

1. Apex Legends is a tactical competitive game. The tagging system is simple and easy to use, with a single click of a button to mark enemy locations, weapon supplies, and other information. In addition, the weapons in Apex Heroes have a satisfying feel and sound.

2. The fascinating sci-fi maps and tense encounters in Apex Legends are full of features from the Titanfall series, and there are eight distinctive heroes with unique skills. The free-to-play setting also allows players to play without stressing over the cost.


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