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MultiCraft is a simulation sandbox construction game with 3D pixel retro style, the game uses retro style design, the gameplay is similar to "Minecraft", but the use of multiplayer creation mode of play, where you can play with your friends, together with the creative, build your own unique world. There are a variety of options for players, players can be brave man in various parts of the world to carry out adventures, but also as an architect, the entire land to build into a stunning garden. In this game, your movements are unlimited only by your imagination! The game does not require any skills - you can fully understand it in the first minutes of the game. With our game, you can have a good time anywhere, anytime! And it's completely free!

Do you want to play with your friends? Join one of the user servers ("Multiplayer" or "Create Server"). The game has a constantly updated list of various servers. You will surely find something you like.

How to play

Beware, in this world there are not only peaceful animals, but also terrible monsters! Fight with them and win, you will get priceless resources!

Swim across the ocean and find new lands and resources - the lands are infinite.

Explore them!

If you decide to survive - watch out for hunger and fill it up in time! Search for food, grow plants, kill mobs for meat!

Build your shelter and you will survive this night! They are coming for you. Zombies, skeletons, giant spiders and other hostile mobs.

At any time, you can fly to the sky with "Flight" mode or become lightning fast with "Acceleration" mode.

1. Game is very casual and very rich, such as free creation, survival and adventure.

2. Realistic 3D model, observe different squares and choose colors according to numbers.

3. Wonderful unlimited 3D adventure world, give full play to your imagination and creativity.

4. Content is also relatively rich. Various building simulations, villages and other different features can be unlocked to experience. 

Editors' Review

MultiCraft ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

MultiCraft is a free simulation casual puzzle game! You don't need to play it more, but you need to be creative! Players can build their own little world, everything is very interesting and beautiful, where everything can be collected to build their own house. Game play is similar to Minecraft, using a high freedom mode, the player can be in this new pixel world free to collect resources, props, build and destroy!

Players in the game, need to control the characters, explore the deserted island, skilled use of tools to obtain materials, use materials to build their own world, enjoy a different exploration journey.

In the process of mining, you may find from the cube of the existence of gold at any time, treasures are hidden in this deep inside the mountain, the game's classic construction game also allows players to challenge the experience of synthesizing novel items, in the different recipes to get enough sandbox world fun.

Game contents

1. Large and small spiders.

2. Sinister skeletons.

3. Egg-laying chickens.

4. Stable fps, long distance maps and world maps without lag.

5. High game optimization and world generation for all modern devices.

6. Strong zombies and other hostile mobs.

7. Red and blue ores, mechanics.

8. Many different biomes and unique terrain.

9. A large variety of different foods and plants.

10. Convenient and fully adaptable touch controls.

11. Accelerated flight.

12. Single-player games with survival and creative modes.

13. Cows, pigs, sheep and other peaceful mobs.

14. Realistic gameplay.

15. Cows, pigs, sheep and other peaceful mobs.

16. Multi-player mode on multiple servers.

Game features

1. With fun world mode, it can carry out transformation of many things, and meet the daily needs of the player.

2. The resources are also very simple to get, according to the player in different birth terrain to judge.

3. It can carry out the characteristics of online combat, but also more fun, for the player can develop more quickly.

Game advantages

1. The game play is very casual, but also very rich, including the freedom to create, survival adventure and a variety of elements.

2. It has an exciting 3D adventure world, with unlimited probability, to play your imagination and creativity.

3. The game content is also relatively rich, a variety of building simulation, villages and other different features can be unlocked to experience.

Game review

This is a new simulation sandbox survival game. The game draws on the mode of Minecraft, where you can collect resources, free to play creative, transform a variety of things, but also explore the mining, looking for more treasure, and beasts fighting and so on! Players can build their own items at will in this pixel world, a variety of play content can be experienced, experience high freedom of play in the game, constantly adventure and exploration, play at will in the pixel world!

The game has a very good scene, we can go to feel a lot of different challenges to play, but also with partners to spend a wonderful adventure time. All the challenges here are to be completed on the map, you have to personally to adventure and adventure, with their own operation to complete the survival together. The game will bring us a lot of interactive gameplay, we can and partners here happy to explore, but also find more surprise rewards. 


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