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April 10, 2020

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Final Fantasy VII: Remake is a complete remake of Final Fantasy VII by Square Enix, but not complete replica of the original. In addition to the graphics innovation brought by the next-generation console, the game's combat style is also more "action-oriented", with Claude's burst resembling the lance burst of Noctis in Final Fantasy 15. The game system can be understood as a semi-instant encounter battle mode, the most important feature of which is the accumulation of ATB slots for skill attacks similar to the turn-based system. Since there is no battle entrance and settlement shot, the whole game's propulsion becomes particularly smooth, which hopefully will bring players a more enjoyable hacking experience.

The cumulative sales of Final Fantasy VII: remake exceeded 5 million units worldwide. On January 31, 2021, Final Fantasy VII: remake producer Yoshifan Kitase and co-director Naoki Hamaguchi gave an interview at the Entertainment Developers Conference in which they talked about the creation of the second part of Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

How to play

1. In some transitions animation, the system will appear in the lower left corner of the [MENU] prompt, which represents a battle will appear after the end of the transitions animation. If you do not press the corresponding button, then the battle will start directly after the end of the animation. If you press the button, the player will enter the game menu after the end of the animation, you can adjust the character state and then start the battle.

2. If you miss the game's side quests, you can not come back to complete. Because the side quests will reward good things, and will trigger additional bonus plot, I recommend that you complete each chapter of the side quests and then advance the main process.

3. You must pay attention to some key tips of the NPC dialogue in side missions.

4. In the game's ninth chapter, Tifa, Claude, Alice will wear a special costume to the mansion of Guryugan tail. Each character has three different sets of clothing, respectively, affected by various factors.

Editors' Review

Final Fantasy VII: remake ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

Final Fantasy VII: remake is a complete remake of "Final Fantasy 7" by Square Enix. In addition to the next-generation console graphics innovation, the game's combat style is also more inclined to "action", the game follows the basic settings of the original, while adding more gameplay content, as well as a more action combat style, and a comprehensive upgrade of the graphics innovation, to bring players more impactful visual effects, to bring players greater journey.

Game features

1. In the game, players will lead teammates to adventure in the different continents, experience the character growth.

2. Players will spent most time talking to the townspeople and gathering information to get more information about locations, events and secrets through conversations.

3. Players will need to take notes on these hints for later reference.

Game highlights

1. Classic story, freshly presented

As the most thorough remake, Final Fantasy VII: remake brings a visual impact that is quite intuitive. The panoramic view of Midgar City, which used to be available only in blurry, is now presented in 4K resolution in high definition, once again showing how majestic the city is in both cyberpunk and steampunk styles, but also showing the detailed visualization of the streets and residents.

2. Round robin, instantly presented

This remake retains many classic elements in the battle system, such as ATB volume slots, three-person squads, crystal magic, summoned beasts, etc., but these original turn-based designs are now incorporated into the new real-time battle, and the overall pace and effect is much better than I expected.

3. More details, greatly presented

Many of the things that were overlooked in the original were added in detail in the remake, which makes the new story logic more tightly packed. Some of the NPCs that did not appear much times in the original were also greatly enriched, which left a deep impression on me and also made me more empathetic and sympathetic to their encounters, state of mind or choices at key moments later in the game.

Game review

The story of Final Fantasy VII: remake contains almost all the important plot points before the main character leaves Midgar City. Of course, the script and performances have all been re-polished and added to modern interpretations. Some of the most enjoyable sequences in the original were polished with a huge amount of resources and effort, and some were even carefully staged! When I play Final Fantasy VII: remake, I was frequently moved by the recreation of the classic, but the experience is not at all like revisiting the old game, it will always be full of freshness. Thus, Final Fantasy VII: remake is a remake of a classic that is definitely worth the price of admission. Although its current content is only a part of the original, many important plot details and background extension still let it reach a 3A level RPG. The movie-like luxury plot interpretation, smooth and gorgeous combat, as well as a rich weapon and growth system, the process of playing is always fun and fresh. The level design is the only obvious shortcomings of this game, but in front of the near-perfect reproduction of the classic, these flaws are still insignificant. 


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