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Incredibox is a remix simulator that allows you to become a beatbox hip-hop master in a few simple steps. Simply drag and drop different colored decorations onto your character to mix your rhythmic mixes! Find the right combination of music rhythms to unlock different animation bonuses to help you improve your mixing skills. You can switch between the 7 versions freely, personalized production, create your rhythmic sense of hip-hop, pop, electro, or Brazilian sound.

The first version of Incredibox was created in 2009 and had superbly positive feedback, including newsletters from Adobe, awareness clicks from the BBC, Yahoo News, and much more. The online game has attracted over 50 million visitors since its creation. Music teachers love it and it is also used to introduce rhythm to children in schools.

Incredibox is a casual game about music, in which players can feel the fun of becoming a DJ, create a variety of unique songs, the world of music is your master, you can also share your work with players around the world at any time, anywhere, to experience the endless charm of music. Music lovers should not miss this game Incredibox.

How to play

Incredibox is a great quality music mixing simulation game. Players simply drag various symbols representing different sounds onto the miniatures to mix a variety of music with superb rhythm. You can record your creations and share them with players all over the world to inspire yourself and have a great music experience!

- Click on one of the characters to enter edit mode, and there will be different notes below the character.

- Drag and drop the desired note onto the character to make that type of sound.

- Each time you put one on, a second character will appear and you can put a sound icon on it by doing the same thing.

- You can add up to seven people in the process, and you can press X at any time to eliminate the sound, adding one for each one you eliminate.

- There is an [ Record ] above the leftmost character for you to record. After recording, you can follow its instructions to replay, share or download the action.

Editors' Review

Incredibox ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

Incredibox is a music rhythm game, which has very simple gameplay, the music in the game is very creative, the style is also very strange, players should just drag and drop icons on different characters, and then start creating music. Incredibox brings you a rhythmic way to play b-box music! Incredibox will satisfy all your b-box imagination! Free to combine various rhythms and bring out your freestyle! Use your imaginative brain to make music like no other!

It allows you to create your music with the help of various musicians, the game is streamlined and has a high degree of freedom of play, which not only contains six impressive atmospheres, offering dozens of different musical styles instruments for your ideal choice, the perfect combination of music, graphics, animation, and interactivity, with different musical styles, the magic of playing music, record and share your mixes.

Record your creations and then share them with your friends around the world. If you get enough votes, you can join the top 50 charts. Too lazy to create your mix? No problem, let the automatic mode play for you.

By coordinating between your hands, choose the best arrangement of notes to make your song exciting and hot. The unique page shows different mouthpiece options and a quality feel you won't dislike. This is your creative destination, if your thoughts are bold enough, you will be able to turn your dreams into reality!

B-BOX is the artistic expression we often see on TV with the mouth imitating drums, horns, strings, and other musical instruments, and this game allows you to combine a variety of "instruments" to generate very powerful rhythmic music!

Game advantages:

1. Small notes can be transformed into a beautiful melody by yourself.

2. Compete with music lovers from all over the world on the tunes you write and play.

3. A good tune can finally shine its light, the world ranking will be your music field of fame!

4. Switch between 7 versions at will, personalize your production, create your rhythmic sense of hip-hop, pop, electro, or Brazilian sound.

5. Record and share your creations with players all over the world! If you get enough votes, your remixes will appear in the Top 50 chart.

Game features:

1. The game has a personalized music creation process, which is easy and fun to play.

2. Players can try to make a variety of cool and dynamic b-box songs, let’s come and try.

3. A variety of different music is able to match and combine, you have to continue to discover.

4. Following the melody of the music, the player can fully relax their depressed mood.

5. Super free play, a variety of symbols, melodies, beats, etc., you can freely combine.

6. Wonderful content experience in this music feast, you can also come to enjoy in real-time.

Game reviews:

As a casual music game, it has wonderful game content and rich gameplay, while players can make various imaginations in order to get wonderful melodies, which will be a very good game for players who like music.

Here players can also fully experience a variety of different music mixes, such as hip-hop beats, electro, pop, jazz swing, and so on, and of course, you can continue to try more versions of the mix.

The operation is not difficult, players only need to use their fingers to try to drag the decorations, you can make music on the character's body, if it is dragging down the icon, it also means that the music stops, let’s come and try it.


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