Home Pin - How To Loot
Home Pin - How To Loot
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Home Pin - How to Loot is a casual game, which gameplay is very simple. You need to pull the pins in the correct order to help Edward defeat villains, save his wife, collect money and build the house. Only with your brain can you help him turn his abandoned house into the dream home of Edward's family.

There are many fun levels are waiting for you to challenge, download if you like!

How to play

Home Pin is a completely free family game. Pass levels and unlock new rooms in your house, every room is waiting for you to redecorate. The gameplay is super simple but extremely attractive, you can play for hours without getting bored.

◉Use your brain, pull the pin bars in the right order to defeat the bad guy, rescue Edward's wife, get money and home decoration items. Just one small mistake can make Edward and his wife lose their life.

◉After some levels, you will unlock new items, new rooms in your house. Download the game and play now to discover those items.

◉Use the money you earn to build your villa

◉There are many different levels, each level has different puzzles

Editors' Review

Home Pin - How To Loot ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce. By JoJo

I like this game, it has an interesting plot. At the beginning of the game, Edward and his wife move into an abandoned house with luggage. You will play as Edward to protect your wife and redecorate the house. I think this is an interesting setting, which uses money earned to decorate the house. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you find the house changing from shabby to new. This also gives you a strong motivation to challenge levels.

The gameplay is very simple, you only need to swipe the screen to pull pins or cut the rope, but every step requires your wisdom, because every mechanism in the room is very critical, and the order in which they are triggered determines your life and death, that’s exciting. You will challenge your limits of thinking, find ways to complete one level after another, and have fun solving puzzle games! Each level is completely different, think and analyze to find the best answer, and there are high-end graphics and vivid sound, you will enjoy it!

In addition, the game has unlimited levels and is completely free. You can play it anytime and anywhere. It is a good game to pass time. It does slowly get a tad more challenging as time goes on, of course, you will feel more fulfilled after you finish them. As you complete more and more levels, you will get different skins and unlock different mechanisms, so you will not be bored, because every level is a new challenge that requires you to keep thinking and trying.

What's more interesting is that the game will be updated according to the holiday theme. During Halloween, the game has updated the Halloween theme, added event Halloween with special gifts, and new Halloween levels, and Halloween skins. This is very interesting and I like it! Christmas is coming, I have already started to look forward to new Christmas themes, Christmas levels, and Christmas skins... ...


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