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Soccer Super Star
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Real Free Soccer

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Dec 23, 2022


Real Free Soccer

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Dec 29, 2022

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Soccer Super Star is an amazing soccer simulation where you will become a soccer superstar enjoying real running time and kicking physics for an immersive legendary soccer experience! The new Soccer Super Star's game controls are easy to learn, allowing you to start having fun quickly. Just flick your finger on the screen to kick the ball and score goals! It sounds simple, but the gameplay of Soccer Super Star is easy to learn but difficult to master, and getting a high score requires plenty of practice. During the game, you only have a few seconds to see where your teammates and opponents are, so you have to think fast to get the ball into the best position. Think fast, plan a strategy, and see if you can lead your team to victory in this exciting game.

How to play

To kick the ball, simply swipe your finger across the screen in the direction you want it to go, or swipe your finger from one player to another to pass the ball. Make sure to swipe carefully to kick the ball with just enough force to send it exactly where you're aiming.



It’s true, you can play and manage your team of eleven without the internet!



Utilizing the latest 2020 motion capture technology of real star players



Intelligent game A.I. allows realistic freedom, powerful simulation with accurate ball physics. Make your way through the Leagues to be a Soccer Superstar!



Be the hero for your country & Club and head for glory!



Intuitive flick-to-pass and kick gameplay, sweep your finger across the ball to drive, curve and power the ball past walls of defenders.


This time, you're the team's star player, and it's up to you to pass the ball to your teammates and score all the goals as you can.

Editors' Review

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Are you a big fan of soccer at all? With the event of the world cup, there is a lot of attention that’s been placed on the soccer field and soccer is such a competitive and team sport that worth all its global attention. The Soccer Super Start gives a clear image of how soccer functions and you will be able to experience what’s it actually like on the soccer field with those soccer stars that you are probably already familiar with, like Ronaldo, etc.


The game has the basic physical elements of soccer and if you are a big fan of soccer in real life but just don’t have enough time to get out in the field to try it out or you have a broken tailbone that causes you can’t be physically involved in sport, then this game is just right for you to experience the fun at the same time don’t have to breathe out loud about it. Its basic game mechanism is pretty easy to be understood as long as you are familiar with how to drag your finger from one side of the screen to the opposite side then you are good to go. The other thing I like about the game is the fact that it gets harder and harder as the challenges go up. So you will have to memorize what’s the best angle to shoot the ball or try to understand the basic mechanism influencing soccer. You will have some sort of strategies of how you want to defend your field or just try to understand what your opponents are like. It’s all about how to set up your team right in this game and you want to make sure that your team is capable of defending but at the same time, can’t be lacking on the offensive side.


Secondly, the game doesn’t ask for wifi as a lot of the games that are in the market do. I love this feature because it makes plane time more tolerable with all the fun you can get from your phone. Also, if you are someone who suffers from a bad signal or terrible school wifi connection, then you don’t have to be so concerned about all that in this game because it’s totally optional and it’s not required at All. The AI system and the 3-D building of the players are not exactly bad but can be improved in my opinion.


Improvements in this game can certainly be talked about, the rules in the soccer field are something that I’ve realized and so do a lot of my fellow players of the game. I feel like the game is lacking basic soccer knowledge and the fact that even when you are kicking out the soccer ball, the game still proceeds no matter what. That could get tricky for a lot of players including myself. On the contrary, the game doesn’t have any ad problems which I’m thankful for. I feel like there could be more diversity in the field that can be added with different kinds of challenges of masteries that you can try to solve one by one.


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