Talking Ginger 2
Talking Ginger 2
The best birthday party ever!
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Talking Ginger 2, (called Ginger's Birthday until April 2014), is a sequel video game app that started released on April 26, 2013, and published by Outfit7.


Talking Ginger is celebrating and it’s time for the best birthday party ever - with awesome food, fun games, and a happy little kitten. Yes, YOU are invited! Take a look at Ginger’s birthday party memories by unlocking puzzle pieces now!

How to play

Explore a diverse collection of fun features and wholesome activities made specifically for kids. Experience some of the best elements found in My Talking Tom plus more. Treat your little kids to fun and festive activities only Talking Ginger can provide.


◉ Talk to Ginger: Speak and he will repeat what you say in his cute voice.
◉ Play with Ginger: Cuddle, tickle, or poke Ginger to see his funny reactions.
◉ Eat with Ginger: Feed him snacks or use the special 'meal time' button to eat together.
◉ Record Ginger: Record videos of Ginger having fun and share them with your friends.
◉ Celebrate with Ginger: Blow the party whistle for as long as you can.
◉ Play the mini-game: See how many birthday candles you can blow out before the timer runs out.
◉ Win free snacks: Get a free spin of the Fortune Wheel every 24 hours, or earn snacks within the app.
◉ Unlock rewards: Keep playing with Ginger to unlock more than 50 different jigsaw puzzle images.

Editors' Review

Talking Ginger 2 ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce. By JoJo


Talking Ginger 2 is similar to My Talking Tom. It features an interactive virtual pet/friend named Ginger, the mechanics, as in similar applications, are identical: you speak and Ginger repeats your words in his feline voice. In addition to talking, you can interact with Ginger in different ways: you can feed her, push her, tickle her ... The character also comes with the ability to react to actions like poke, cuddle, and tickle. It’s fun! Just like Tom, players can also feed and play mini-games with their adorable new friends. As in previous games, you can record and share your Ginger videos with other players, or email them to your friends. In addition, you can always see these videos again by accessing the video gallery.


The feature that separates Talking Ginger 2 from My Talking Tom is the theme-specific activities, the protagonist of Talking Ginger returns, this time to celebrate her fifth birthday. In this case, the gameplay focuses on Ginger’s birthday. Expect wholesome, fun, and excitingly familiar birthday activities like eating, blowing candles, and party whistles. Play along with your little ones and create impromptu moments or make up fun stories to help enhance their imagination. In addition, Talking Ginger 2 also includes puzzles and delicacies to brighten up little Ginger's birthday.


Talking Ginger 2 also contains ads and in-app purchases, you can spend money to remove ads. But in fact, you can't fully disable ads even after paying to remove ads! There are two types of ads in the game - those that your kids will accidentally touch all the time, and those that automatically load every minute. You can permanently stop the automatically triggered ads from showing by making any in-app purchase in the game. Once you remove the ads, automatically triggered ads will not be shown anymore. BUT, it will still have ad buttons disguised as features all over the app so kids can click them. This can be a little frustrating because many young kids are playing this game, and I hope this problem can be improved.


Overall, Talking Ginger 2 is one of those apps that anyone can use. Nice graphics and some other surprises are the features of this application. It does not bring much news but fans of the talking critters will appreciate it.


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