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PUBG: New State is a futuristic-style multiplayer online battle royale video game developed by PUBG Studios and published by Krafton. The game was released on November 11, 2021, for iOS and Android through the App Store, Google Play Store, and Galaxy Store. It is the second installment in the PUBG Universe as a sequel to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and PUBG Mobile.

How to play

In PUBG: NEW STATE, 100 players will fight with various weapons and strategies until only one party remains. Utilize gear, vehicles, and consumables to survive the shrinking battleground to become the "last man standing".

PUBG: New State will feature interactive objects and structures with destructible windows and doors that can be interspersed between a first (FPP) and third ( TPP) person perspectives.

 It will feature weapon customization with different firing mode selections, grenade launchers, grips, butts, sights, silencers, and other types of accessories that can be equipped and selected on different weapons.

Mechanics introduced in PUBG: NEW STATE include Drones, bulletproof shields, neon sights, combat balancing abilities, reviving dead teammates, and "recruiting" fallen enemies.

An immersive PUBG experience achieved through various objectives in-game that can turn the tide in your favor.

Editors' Review

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The background of the game is decades after the collapse of human society. As humanity fell into anarchy, various factions emerged from the ashes, competing for technology and resources. So in the game, we can see some elements with a sense of future technology, the most obvious one is Vehicles include futuristic cars, buggies, motorcycles, speedboats, and gliders. In addition, there are some more sci-fi scenes. Compared with the previous work, which emphasized the theme of "desolation", the new setting of PUBG: NEW STATE is still eye-catching. What's more interesting is that PUBG: NEW STATE also added a public transportation system. These "buses" will run automatically on fixed tracks, and you can also take them if you want to.


According to Krafton, the game will include "state-of-the-art rendering technology" to enhance graphics and lighting to a new generation of mobile games without affecting performance, and it will include a realistic and enhanced Battle Royale, similar to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. From the experience, the graphics enhancement of PUBG: NEW STATE are mainly reflected in the light and shadow, the close-up details of the characters are also very realistic. In general, although it does not fully achieve the perfect graphics of computer games, in terms of mobile games, I think it is satisfactory.

3.    NEW MAP

The map of PUBG: NEW STATE is a remote 8x8 island called TROI, which has a very wide area, a temperate zone, with a lot of rivers, trees, and a building area. TROI is set in the year 2051 in the northern United States, with a futuristic environment, buildings, architecture, and monuments. There are two areas that I want to explain in particular, please look down.

One is that the laboratory area has fierce battlefields and corridors. Due to the unique structure, if you want to survive in this area, you need the cooperation of teammates and more creative thinking. For example, the "central area" is wrapped in bulletproof glass, so as long as you don't come out, it is safe. The other is a trailer park, or it should be called a park. Now it is full of bunkers and bullets. Players need to challenge by jumping, sneaking, and climbing. Of course, if you feel that it is not safe here, you can also use the ramp at the end of the runway to get out of the predicament.

Finally, I want to talk about a new feature - ballistic shields, which is a cover device that can be carried around. This feature can improve the survival rate of players and also make the battlefield more possibilities, download if you like


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