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Craft Island is a game about chopping down trees, building structures, and increasing the landmass of your island home. Published by HOMA GAMES, this is an action simulation game, where you need to make things from scratch, build your island and continue to develop it. Ultimately, Craft Island is a very fun and exciting game. Unlike other action games, it has simple gameplay elements that are highly addicting. Download it if you like!

How to play

our goal is to collect wood and use it to craft various things on your island. It’s simple enough that you can play it with a single finger, but there are layers to the experience that you’re going to have to get to grips with if you want to be the best island crafter in the world.

• Use your axe to chop down trees and collect all the logs that fall

• Use the logs you get to build various structures in the open space

• Exchange some of the logs you acquire for coins

• Expand your island to unlock more areas to build and special trees to chop

• Build bridges to connect you to the edge of other islands

Editors' Review

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Craft Island is set on a deserted island where players need to cut down trees and build the buildings they need with the only ax they have, and the trees they cut down can be used to exchange for coins to upgrade the buildings to gain higher revenue. With the player's efforts, the area of the island will gradually expand, and the player will also build houses, wells, and other essential buildings, even to the next deserted island, you need to open up a whole new area to get the port and ship. Seemingly simple operation, but because of the background of the deserted island and hand-made and brings a great sense of achievement.

Although the gameplay is slightly complicated, the core gameplay is very easy to master, which is to continuously cut down trees to obtain logs. No need to worry if you dont have trees to cut anymore as they grow back after a short while. In the early days, players needed to accumulate resources by cutting down trees and building lumberyards and other buildings to obtain basic survival protection. With the development of the game, players can exchange the wood collected by lumberyards in exchange for gold coins to expand the island and establish various life necessities. Building and opening the port to the next island.

Here are some tips to help you build your island.

- You also get access to special trees, which will provide more wood than the usual ones. The special trees will have different colored leaves, so you’ll know you’ll get more wood there.

- Whenever you get a power-up for your axe, your only focus should be cutting down trees. Even if youve got other things to do, its a complete waste to unlock one and then spend any time not hacking at trees. Chop down everything you can in the time limit and then get on with other tasks.

- The first building you build is going to let you upgrade some of your skills. When youve got some spare coins, you should be spending them here. As you build more structures, youll unlock more upgrades, so make sure you check back regularly as you increase your island to see what you can buy.

If you want to experience survival on an idyllic desert island, I recommend you download it! Hope you have fun here!


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