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Homescapes is a worldwide popular puzzle elimination and garden simulation casual game! Adopting an innovative gameplay combining elimination and simulation management, complete the elimination levels, refurbish and decorate different areas of the garden, and unveil the mystery of the garden. Butler Austin brings new gifts to the master, come and update to get them! New activities: daily tasks, eve specials, win generous prizes. New element: sealed fireworks; new prop: gardening gloves. What are you waiting for? Come together to create your dream garden!

Austin, the butler, returns to his childhood home where is full of memories, but what awaits him is the decision of his parents to sell the house. Players need to help him complete the task of renovating his childhood home to prevent this big house full of childhood memories from being sold. During this period, players need to help Austin to solve various renovation of the house encountered trouble, gradually into Austin's family life, experience the warmth of family life.

How to play

- You need to complete more than one objective to pass the levels of the triple elimination game. The target will be displayed before you start the level.

- Eliminate three or more blocks of the same type to complete the goal and pass the level.

- Each level has a variety of obstacles to make the game more challenging.

- Usually you have a limited number of moves at each level. Please use them wisely.

- Use acceleration props to get better results and eliminate more blocks.

Breakthrough mode, within the specified number of steps to complete the challenge of different goals. If you are not familiar with the three elimination, you often have the situation, here to provide some tips, the first is to complete the target and eliminate object priority, if it can not be eliminated before considering the consumption of bombs or functional props, functional props such as small aircraft, horizontal/vertical row of rockets, and carpet cleaning, are especially important! For consuming gold or spending love value to get more chances, I suggest consuming gold in the current only 1 or 2 obstacles left, and you are sure to finish within 5 steps. Consuming love value is suitable for time players, not in a hurry to take your time, in fact, elimination games are really very "casual".

Editors' Review

Homescapes ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.  By Rebecca

The adventure begins when you walk through the door! Make your way through colorful triple-play levels to renovate and decorate the rooms in the mansion, and unlock more chapters of the exciting family story as you do so! What are you waiting for? Come and dress up your home!

Homescapes is a dress-up elimination game in which the player has to help the official family to clean the decrepit mansion again and make the mansion have a living atmosphere by eliminating the way to pass the level, after passing the level you can freely decide the decoration of every place in the mansion.

In Homescapes, you will complete the corresponding amount of tasks everyday, and then the second day, you will get the corresponding gifts, generally are gold plus props, props are mainly used in the elimination class game, in the process of building their homes, will know more friends, friends will also appear in your circle of friends dynamic interaction with you.

Game features

1. Unique gameplay: Swap and match blocks to help Austin fix up the house!

2. Interior design: The house decor is up to you.

3. Exciting triple elimination levels: With unique enhancements and explosive combinations.

4. Beautiful and spacious mansion: Uncover all the secrets inside the mansion!

5. Exciting characters: Observe their daily lives and interact with them in the in-game community network.

6. Cute pets: Meet cute furry cats.

7. Invite your Facebook friends to help you create a cozy atmosphere in your house!

How to unlock the new areas of the mansion?

The mansion is divided into several zones and you will have to unlock each zone one by one. Each area will take between 3 and 6 days of play time to restore and you will need to complete all the quests in that area.

Each garden mission requires 1 to 5 stars by playing a game. Some tasks will take a long time to complete, but if you don't want to wait, there are ways to speed up the process.

Why do I need stars and how do I get them?

Stars are special resources within the game that you need to renovate the mansion. You can only get stars in the levels of triple elimination: you get one star for each level you pass.

How can I change my name or my pet's name in the game?

You can change your or your cat's name at any time.

1. Please go to the game settings.

2. Click on Change Name.

3. In the pop-up window, click change your name, or click change cat's name.

How can I change the appearance of items in my mansion?

You can use "Design Mode" to change the appearance of most objects in your mansion after they are built or restored.

Click and press on a mansion object (chair, closet, lamp, etc.) to see the various designs of the object and select the one you want.

Note: You can change the appearance of objects, but not their position!

What are the rewards in the game?

There are many ways to get coins, enhanced props and extra and unlimited lives as rewards.

1. The ways to get coins are as follows

- Passing a triple elimination level.

- Reward for completely renovating an area of the mansion.

- A gift from the game characters for helping them.

- Join the game's official community.

2. gaining extra lives as follows

- Daily rewards.

- A gift from the game characters for helping them.

3. Receive a full set of rewards (coins, boosts and/or unlimited lives) as follows

- By completing all the tasks shown on the tablet during the game day.

- Complete the tasks in the special events.

Homescapes is a casual puzzle game that combines puzzle solving and dress-up gameplay. In this game, players will decorate their own houses, challenge themselves with different difficulty levels, and completely renovate their old mansions! Show off your design talent and decorate the kitchen, foyer, orangery, garage and other areas of the house! Thousands of design options for you to be creative and change the design as you wish to create your dream house!


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