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Aspyr Media, Inc.


December 18, 2020


Aspyr Media, Inc.


December 18, 2020


Aspyr Media, Inc.


February 3, 2021


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This time your choices affect everyone around you It is a time of darkness, five years after the events of the award-winning KOTOR. The Sith Lords have hunted the Jedi Order to the edge of extinction and a lone Jedi Knight remains - you. As you struggle to reconnect with the Force, your decisions will lead you to the light or dark side and will affect everyone around you. The fate of the galaxy rests in your hands!

How to play

You may be familiar with the stories of war in the epic Star Wars universe. You can take on the role and participate in these battles yourself in STAR WARS: KOTOR II. The game will provide you with endless entertainment and fun through engaging role-playing battles.



This game is a continuation of the story of The Exile – a Jedi knight who was exiled to the extreme. The game begins with the game’s protagonist unconscious in an asteroid mining facility. The truth about our main character ten years ago is revealed; the story goes to excellent surprises.



Here, tactics are an essential factor that determines a lot to the victory or defeat of the whole team. Each character on your team has its own skills and strengths; the victory of the whole team lies in the smooth coordination between the members of the team.



You can completely immerse yourself and write your own destiny here. Through the dialogues of the main character, you can easily see which direction your fate is going, and you can also see the change in consciousness of the main character over time. Your choices will affect the whole game and determine the fate of the main character in the story; even the people on the team will have the same ending.



STAR WARS™: KOTOR II is played from a third-person perspective with a unique real-time feature that can be paused. You start the game by choosing your characters; there are 30 Force for you to choose from. Just like its predecessors, this game also has mini-games for fun like bike racing and other mini-games.



Editors' Review

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Do you like science fiction movies? When do you think of science fiction movies, which one comes to mind first? Speaking of Star Wars, I'm sure you're no stranger to it, are you? The game I'm about to introduce you to is a spin-off from the movie, which has special meaning for many people. The game is Star Wars TM: Kotor II by Aspyr Media, Inc. Company development.


This is a science fiction theme of action-adventure RPG games, the classic Star Wars style of the game design gives players a better game against the game. significantly meeting the players' needs for a science fiction theme. Star Wars Kotor is a very different kind of adventure, and even the player's artistic image has become a little bit intelligent. The absolute truth of the historical story has been staged one by one, always arouse your imagination. The game takes advantage of the latest research to create the most potent brutal nuclear weapons in every war. Better to give the player a more exciting feeling about the game. The 3D engine in the game creates a scene design full of sci-fi atmosphere, making Star Wars a full-scale spread.


A detailed and well-organized list of story chapters, starting with the first chapter of the play, Will Star Wars, can be completed in full. Extensive topographical map, far beyond the scope of the world map, out of the Earth, random exploration. By the way, I will tell you that the game has the Classic CRPG Adventure Mode, multi-dimensional competition, and all the people on this planet want to seize the world. Unique combat can guard the light of this world it depends on you and has the professional ability to fight. There are many adventures, a lot of Sci-Fi, and sometimes much immersion. Perfect Return Star Wars play, experience the -most real war, choose a variety of routes to develop your potential and experience a variety of adventures.


You have to choose the Right School of learning skills and develop your potential in every way, that will determine your destiny, and save your tribe. Also, you need to create new sci-fi props, use them at appropriate checkpoints, get to famous scenes in Hollywood, and unlock new maps. This is where the challenging adventure begins, and the ninja must continually strive to complete the test to be rewarded. Exquisite 3D modeling realistic environment, top-of-the-line physics engine technology lets you feel the actual scene of the planet fight. With simple operation mode, virtual joystick, and button settings, you can click your finger to start the adventure. The game overall play down is a very novel setting, the operating sense of smooth music is also in line with the general atmosphere of the game, and I think the small people run super cute. The most enjoyable game I've had in a while. The escape pod opened a way home, but it also opened up the lab to the outside world, so could this time loop affect the outside world? It sounds Like Fun. In the game, players can get more different character background options. Develop the story in your way and take on more different adventures. Anything you do will affect the level. As anyone familiar with Star Wars knows, the core of Star Wars is the force and its users. In the eyes of the dogmatic Lucas, Obsidian's philosophical thinking was of his own hands.


Overall, it's been an incredible experience as a Star Wars fan, and Kreia is probably the most potent character I've ever come across. Her teaching, her philosophy, was almost a resistance to the force itself. The teacher, the Jedi, and the Sith cannot possibly sum up her ideas or her power. In the end, I realized that what Kreia meant by "Exile" was not simply being banished by the samurai but by force itself.


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