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Dec 10, 2021


Rollic Games


December 9, 2021


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Arrow Fest is a cartoon casual archery game with high-definition graphics and beautiful scenes. Players only need to control the arrows to fly freely, pass the algorithm wall of the marked numbers and destroy the enemies on the road, and make the number of arrows as much as possible. Be carefulThere are many enemies and giants at the end of the level, use a lot of arrows to destroy them.

Rich game strategy gameplay, players can complete levels and adventures in a variety of ways. Download it if you want to challenge!

How to play

Arrow Fest is a special parkour game, suitable for players of different ages.

◉Swipe left and right to control your flying arrows

◉Go through the best doors to increase your arrows

◉Destroy your enemies and giants to earn lots of coins

◉Use coins to collect and upgrade your arrows and income

Editors' Review

Arrow Fest ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce. By JoJo

This is a small game that is very suitable to pass the time, the operation is simple but exciting. Its type is a special parkour game, your goal is to control the arrows to move forward by swiping, choose the best door to increase the number of arrows and destroy the enemies on the track, finally use your arrows to destroy all enemies and giants. The core gameplay is to increase the number of arrows, the more arrows you have, the easier it is to destroy enemies. The number of arrows will change every time you go through gates, you need to choose the right gates, your arrows may increase or decrease exponentially. When you’re leading your arrow down the track, you want to try and hit the blue gates - these are the ones that are going to add more arrows into your volley. Red gates, on the other hand, will take them away - you should avoid these at all costs.

It seems to be a simple number game, but what you have to do is not to make the right choice but to make a choice quickly, because the response time for you is very short, which tests your reflection ability. Sometimes you’ll be presented with two gates with different equations on them – one might be a multiplier, the other an addition. Quickly figure out which is best and aim for that one. A good rule of thumb is the bigger the number of arrows you’ve already got, the more likely the multiplication gates are going to get you the biggest reward. And remember, dividing by one leaves you with the same number you started with. If kids play this game, their reflection ability and calculation ability can be exercised, allowing kids to gain knowledge while enjoying the game.

In addition to interesting gameplay, there are also colorful graphics and beautiful skins for players to choose from. The appearance of enemies is different, and the special effects when enemies are hit by arrows are also very interesting. When you’re moving down the track, try and avoid hitting enemies if you can – sure, it’s fun to kill things, but if you do you’ll lose an arrow. Sometimes hitting an enemy is unavoidable, so don’t go too crazy trying to miss them, but if you’ve got a chance, it’s best to preserve your arrows.

When it comes to the last section of the level, you need to defeat all enemies and giants, you want to spread your arrows just wide enough to cover all of the enemies you need to take down.  Don’t forget, you can spread but not too wide. Spread your volley too thin and there’s a chance youll miss, group it too closely and you won’t take out the bad guys on the edges. It’s a simple game, but there are some things you’re going to have to get to grips with if you want to get the most out of the game.


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