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Stacky Dash is an action-oriented casual free game launched by BORN2PLAY LTD. Players in the game control the matchmaker to collect square bricks, with the help of square bricks to build the road to the next level, the more players collect in the final level to get the points reward multiplier will be higher. It has simple gameplay and a smooth experience, which is a combination of leisure and puzzle. Its classic matchmaker shape, bringing players a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Stacky Dash is a super interesting parkour breakthrough type of mobile game, third-person perspective of the game to help you see the distance in front of you, and here you need to get as much as possible planks in the course of the game. Only the more planks under your feet, the greater the possibility of passing!

The game has a simple cartoon style of painting, increase the fun of the game, control the little man running on the track, collect the blocks along the way, and constantly stack to prove their strength. And finally successfully reach the end to pass, players can quickly get started.

All players in the game are able to get a satisfactory experience, it will appear the new content after you pass the level. They continue to break through to improve their skills, skilled in their own operation to get a more perfect enjoyment.

How to play

The gameplay of "Stacky Dash" has only one operation of sliding, whether it is sliding left and right or up and down, which requires players to turn their brains to make quick calculations. As the game progresses, the difficulty of the levels will gradually increase. In order to avoid the higher difficulty of the game to influence the player's experience, Stacky Dash specially opens the backtracking function, when the player collects not enough blocks to go to the next level, he can return to the previous level to continue collecting blocks without any obstacle set.

1. Cute cartoon design style, the game has a very healing style to bring players more energetic adventure.

2. Horizontal and vertical two directions of movement, try to collect all the tiles and be easy to pass the level.

3. Experience a strong sense of game physics engine support, enjoy a more exciting parkour movement.

4. Carefully create a number of special theme levels, each level will bring a different challenge to the players.

5. Collect some rewards in the track, accumulate more blocks to complete the task.

Editors' Review

Stacky Dash ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

Stacky Dash is a casual style 3D graphics game, players need to stack the blocks in the game, and constantly improve themselves, through the maze in the level. In this game, players can collect different villains. In the fun and puzzle experience, players can upgrade at any time, get some rewards, and challenge difficult levels in real-time.

Stacky Dash is a casual puzzle game, the game is also a simple 3D painting style shaped by the rubber man character, players need to collect all the blocks in different levels, these blocks to be used as their forward pavement.

Game features
1. The operation of the game is simple and easy to learn, suitable for adults and children.

2. In the process of parkour, you need to accurately predict, prepare in advance, dodge obstacles at the right time is very critical.

3. The game also provides a virtual currency, allowing players to freely buy unique characters, to add more fresh power to your game.

4. The parkour scenes of the game are very rich, allowing players to follow the rhythm of the music to move forward quickly and accumulate abundant gold coins and gems.

Game highlights
Stacky Dash is based on the recently popular game, called "Shortcut Run", but the game cleverly incorporates some of the puzzle gameplay but does not bind the player to the puzzle gameplay. Players in each level can collect different numbers of cubes to earn gold, the minimum number of cubes is enough to support the player to reach the bottom of the level, and collect all the cubes can receive a high multiplier of gold rewards based on reaching the bottom of the level, to help players can better earn revenue to buy a variety of skins and props. The classic cute matchmaker shape, bright world scene, the fusion of leisure and puzzle gameplay, smooth game experience, make the player's mood more light and happy.

Screen scene
The screen of "Stacky Dash" adopts the classic Matchmaker art shape, the scene is built in a bright and vivid painting style, the props in the level are realistic and rich in texture, it is as if you have come to the real world, relieving the pressure of players, becoming a favorite of players' leisure. A variety of cute matchmaker shapes is also a feature of "Stacky Dash", in addition to the standard matchmaker skin, the game also provides Santa's reindeer, cute baby calf, and other cute and interesting character skin, each skin is given a distinctive color and shape of personality.

Game reviews
From the experience, "Stacky Dash" does not simply copy the gameplay of "Build a Bridge Run", but blends it with the simple puzzle gameplay of a sum of even, forming brand new gameplay, and after considering the slightly higher difficulty of the fusion gameplay, some settings in the game have been adjusted. In the subversion of the player's perception, while significantly reducing the difficulty of the game, so that players can enjoy the game in the leisure.


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