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Hi-Rez Studios

For ages 13 and up

September 30, 2020

Chinese (Simplified), English, French, Ger

Hi-Rez Studios

For ages 13 and up

September 30, 2020

Chinese (Simplified), English, French, Ger

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Rogue Company is the first game developed by First Watch Games, First Watch Games has published such popular games such as Smite, Paladins and Realm Royale. The 4V4 third-person shooter is free-to-play, features multiple objective-based game modes, and features cross-platform online play including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Rogue Company is fun and easy to play while remaining very competitive, making it a fan-favorite game, some says "Rogue Company, while free to play, it is one of the highest quality shooters I've played this year.”

How to play

Rogue Company is a third-person tactical action shooter game. You will play as one of Rogue Company's elite agents, each agent has their own unique skills, and fight your way through a variety of different game modes.

There are many playable characters, such as "Saints" who use medium and long range weapons to recover allies from a distance, "Ronin" who specializes in stealth and close quarters combat, "Dima" who has excellent area attack capabilities, and "Saints" who is an edgy, equipped with the ability to attack from a distance, "Dallas" who performs tracking, and "Ditch" who controls enemies by barbed wire during combat.

There are two types of game modes. The first is a team that performs an important mission on the map and a team that prevents the mission from proceeding, competing 4V4. The other mode is a tight death match between two separate teams, where players can choose stages from six types of maps.

The game also currently supports cross-play and cross-processing on different platforms, thus allowing players to share progress on multiple platforms and therefore collaborate and play against each other across hardware boundaries.

Editors' Review

Rogue Company ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

Rogue Company is a multiplayer cooperative shooting game produced by First Watch Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios, in which players will become Rogue Company agents with a variety of high-tech weapons, going to the fiercest battlefield to show their skills, complete the mission to receive payment, update their equipment. The game is played from a third-person perspective, making it easier for you to grasp the situation around you and better protect yourself. The game is set in the context of Rogue Company's mercenaries, who choose their weapons and go to the target locations to complete their missions and fight against other players.

Game background

Rogue Company is a top-secret organization of elite mercenaries from around the world. As a member of the Rogue Company, players will choose their own weapons, infiltrate iconic locations, and fight against other players in the multiplayer online PVP game mode.

Game content

1. Save the day

Join the action-packed 4v4 and 6v6 game modes, try to survive in elimination. Do you want to try more intense competition? Then join the ranked queue to show off your skills. Or take it easy in the rotating limited time mode.

2. Stay handsome

Find your favorite agent among Rogue Company's many agents, every agent has a unique set of skills, weapons and gadgets. You can shoot napalm with Switchblade's chaos launcher, save a teammate with Saint's resurrection drone, or take enemy communications completely offline with the help of Gl1tch's hacking. Which Rogue will you choose, and what fighting style will you use?

3. Get Paid

After completing each match, you can earn cash that can be used in the in-game store. Choose your match style carefully for each round, whether buy a weapon and mow down your enemies, or use a Till sniper rifle to hit them at long range? You'll also be able to unlock a variety of high-tech gadgets.

Game features

1. Rotate the 3D view to observe the surroundings as you advance and place yourself to be trailed by enemies.

2. Each weapon has its own unique recoil, according to the installed weapon accessories to carry out the most appropriate pressure gun.

3. A variety of game modes to experience at will, you can figure out every detail of the map and take advantage of the terrain to defeat the opponent.

4. In the team mode, you should communicate closely with your teammates and help each other so that you can lead the team to victory together.

5. The weather system is added to the game, which will make the world in the game closer to reality and give you a stronger sense of immersion.

Game highlights

1. There are various modes of competition to meet your desire to win and lose, and many combatants to meet the real competition.

2. Choose the most suitable for their own weapons, unlimited bloodthirsty competition quickly complete each game.

3. Players can go to the iconic location to start the battle, form a grand theft alliance with the forces of evil to start a thrilling battle.

Game review

1. The game's weapons and equipment is still very novel, a variety of advanced weapons are sold.

2. The game of gold can be obtained through the battle, it can also be obtained through the completion of daily tasks, so the gold is generally not lack of.

3. You can choose single combat, you can also choose multiplayer team combat, different combat methods can experience different excitement. 


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