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March 12, 2020

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Nov 29, 2021



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November 29, 2021



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March 12, 2020


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Madden NFL 21 is an American soccer sports game published by EA, which was launched worldwide on August 4. This game is based on the NFL league and brings you the most realistic American professional football game. In this game you will become an NFL General Manager and lead your team to win the Super Bowl in a dynamic NFL season to challenge the Madden Masters, where you will build your own legendary team of NFL superstars! Go crazy for glory together!

Madden NFL 21 is a new way to experience the Madden NFL series anytime, anywhere. Become an NFL legend in a new global location and enjoy everything you love about Madden NFL 21.

Madden NFL 21 brings new features and modes, including:

Team Facade: Make a name for yourself - Go beyond NFL history and forge your own path to greatness - make a name for yourself and achieve immortal legend in Madden NFL 21.

Take Control - Become proficient with innovative enhancements and real-time plays and go on a scoring spree through the game.

X Factor 2.0 - The new X Factor skill is brand new from the lab and is used to enhance the next generation of ballplayers.

How to play

The game takes players into a new model with intuitive quick game controls, swatting passes, tapping to avoid swarming defenders, and ultimately leading their team to victory and getting points in the team standings.

The game allows players to choose their team from 32 NFL teams and battle it out in a realistic stadium. In addition, players can trade, track game stats, and employ winning strategies from each team's unique playbook.

1. Bring players a new experience, there is 32 super football team.

2. Players will choose from the 32 core roles, adding a new training mode of play, with the skills of superstars.

3. The new theme brings players to experience, the real simulation of the draft conference mode, waiting for you to participate in the game.

4. The real simulation of the game gameplay, players in the game as the team manager, to go to the draft to build your team.

5. In the game real simulation of a professional league, superstars will join the game, players can go to the transfer and trade.

6. To participate in the league to win the championship, become the most valuable players, it supports players to choose different positions.

7. Dribble/pass option - The dribble/pass option can now be invoked, bringing more realism to the NFL on today's call plays.

8. On-field Instructor - With this cohesive, modern teaching system, new game mechanics are introduced over time as you experience the game and progress, and follow-up information is provided about each play, allowing you to understand how you should improve as a Madden player.

9. New Fake Mechanics - Use the new double-click "Throw Cancel" mechanism to perform fakes on specific receivers and fool defenders.

10. Superstar-based call plays - Tailor-made call plays for your team's superstars to quickly get your stars in the game when you need them most.

Editors' Review

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Madden NFL 21 is a competitive football game produced and published by EA, and is the latest in the series. The game will be released this year in the next generation of consoles, PC platform released at the same time. The series was launched in 1988, more than 30 years ago, players will experience the perfect exciting football experience in the game.

The game allows players to choose their team from 32 NFL teams and battle it out in a realistic stadium. In addition, players can trade, track game stats, and employ winning strategies from each team's unique playbook.

Game content


Create and customize your character, then make a name for yourself in a new fast-paced, small-field tournament with a new story-driven gameplay experience. Hone yourself, win rewards and keep writing your own legend.

2. Build your ULTIMATE TEAM

Take on the responsibilities of an NFL team and take over completely as the team manager. Play in games, collect rewards, upgrade your team - including NFL legends and superstars - and solidify your team and build an NFL dynasty.

3. Collect the new MADDEN Masters

Face and defeat NFL superstars and NFL legends as you compete hard to unlock each Madden NFL Master. Compete with the best NFL players and help other players in co-op assistance to become the true most valuable player in Madden NFL 21.

4. Cross Rewards

Lead your character to success anytime, anywhere in The Yard. Save all your gear for use on consoles, PC and mobile through "The Yard: Underground"! Write your own legend while progressing through the various versions of Madden and winning rewards.

Game features

1. Create and customize your character, then make a name for yourself in the new fast-paced, small-sided competition.

2. Become an NFL team manager and lead your team to the Super Bowl.

3. Play in the Madden Masters and build your team with NFL superstars and legends.

4. Define your NFL journey in the deepest and most competitive Madden NFL by competing against your friends in the H2H Arena or Overdrive!

Game review

The game restores the game of rugby related gameplay and content to the maximum extent, with a wealth of players stars can let you choose, super levels and a variety of games for you to participate in, play rich content, real, if you like rugby, you can come to experience this game! 


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