Cookie Carver Life Challenge
Cookie Carver Life Challenge
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January 21, 2022


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Cookie Carver: Life Challenge, is an interactive arcade game created by Casual Azur Games. There are six rounds, six trials to survive! The games are known to everyone - they’re easy to learn and play. If you win the first game, you can move to the next level and test your luck.


Are you ready for a life challenge game? Complete different levels to win the game & get the handsome prize. Let the Cookie Carver: Life Challenge game start!

How to play

Complete levels to win the game! Get chances to survive and gain freedom! Be careful! Big Boss is watching you. Follow the rules and you'll leave the game safely with the prize.


➤ GAME 1 - Red Light, Green Light game

Rules of this game are quite simple. Greenlight - run, red light - freeze! Watch out and follow the rules if you don’t want to be eliminated.


➤ GAME 2 - Dalgona Candy Carver

Cut the logo out of the dalgona candy. Sounds easy? Let’s try!


➤ GAME 3 - Tug of War

Strength is not an advantage! Use your strategy skills to win in this tug-of-war contest.


➤ GAME 4 - Marbles

Play any game you like to get all the marbles, provided there’s no violence! Make your opponent guess odds and evens or try to hit the hole first!


➤ GAME 5 - Glass Stepping Stones

Easy to learn, hard to master! Choose the right platform and try not to fall. Reach the finish line and survive.


➤ GAME 6 - Round 6

It’s squid time! Play the popular k-game and get alive. Test your luck!


Are you ready to play your card? Join Cookie Carver: Life Challenge! We can begin an amazing game now!

Editors' Review

Cookie Carver: Life Challenge ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce. By JoJo


If you're familiar with the famous Netflix series The Squid Game, then you're no stranger to the levels of this game. Cookie Carver: Life Challenge is an interactive game inspired by the Squid Game that allows you to enjoy the same levels of The Squid Game without having to deal with real gore scenes. In addition to these exciting levels, this game offers users hundreds of customizable settings to change the difficulty level of the game to their liking. Upon completion of the challenge, you will receive in-game cash. If you watch the 30-second videos in the app, you can earn even more cash per game.


In this arcade game, you need to survive six matches in six rounds. As with Squid Game, you can choose from six challenging games including Red Light, Green Light, Dalgona Candy Carver Challenge, Tug of War, Marbles, Glass Stepping Stones, and Round 6: Squid Time. The mechanics of each game are derived from the show, so you're sure to know how to play it. However, if you are not familiar with the games, you can quickly grasp the mechanics after playing them. This wonderful app allows players to collect unlimited money, gain extra lives and earn stars in each level they complete.


By completing a level, you will earn extra lives, unlimited money, and earn stars. As you continue to play, the levels will get harder and the amount of money you collect will start to increase. To get extra lives, all you need to do is collect energy. Energy can be collected by doing simple activities such as collecting daily rewards or completing challenging missions on the online simulator site. You can also buy upgrades to get higher jumps, double throws, and other special moves that can help you beat the competition.


There are also two modes to explore, Time Attack and Time Trial. In Time Attack mode, you'll need to hurry up and do your best to complete all levels while meeting a specific time frame. In Time Trial mode, you will compete against other players from all over the world. Whichever model you want to play, the game will certainly push you to further hone your skills by learning from your mistakes. Once you have established your own style of play, you can customize it to a higher difficulty level. All you need to do is keep playing to unlock a new level and keep challenging yourself with this fun and addictive game.


If you are looking for a jam-packed game that is filled with fun and excitement, the Cookie Carver: Life Challenge game will definitely nail it. And if you happen to be a fan of the Squid Games TV show, then you'll enjoy this game even more!


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