Honkai: Star Rail
Honkai: Star Rail
A Space Fantasy RPG
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Apr 23, 2023



3.3 GB

Apr 6, 2023


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Honkai: Star Rail is an exciting new game that takes players on a thrilling sci-fi adventure through a vast, open-world environment. In this game, players take on the role of a powerful Honkai warrior, tasked with protecting the galaxy from an alien invasion. With stunning graphics, challenging gameplay, and an immersive storyline, Honkai: Star Rail is a must-play for fans of action and adventure games. Join us as we explore the depths of space, battle enemy forces, and save the universe from destruction in this exciting new game.

How to play

Honkai: Star Rail is a 3D action game set in a science fiction world where players take on the role of elite agents tasked with defending humanity from an alien invasion.

► Explore Distinct Worlds — Discover the boundless universe filled with wonder

3, 2, 1, initiating warp! A space station with Curios sealed away, a foreign planet with an eternal winter, a starship hunting down abominations... Every step of the Astral Express is a never-before-seen view of the galaxy! Explore fantastical worlds and civilizations, uncover mysteries beyond imagination, and set out on a journey of wonder!


► Riveting RPG Experience — A best-in-class immersive adventure beyond the stars

Embark on a galactic adventure where you shape the story. Our cutting-edge engine renders high-quality cinematics in real-time, our innovative facial expression system concocts genuine sentiments, and HOYO-MiX's original score sets the stage. Join us now and journey through a universe of conflict and collaboration, where your choices define the outcome!


► Compelling Allies — Go on a trailblazing venture with new friends

In the ocean of stars, there are endless encounters that come along with endless adventures. Prepare tickets for your companions and embark on this wondrous journey together! A spunky and eccentric amnesiac girl, a noble and upright Silvermane Guard, an indolent Cloud Knight general, and even a mysterious and secretive professional beauty... Confront the Stellaron crisis together and weave your past, present, and future with laughter and tears.


► Reimagining Tactical Combat — Exploit weaknesses, the battle to your heart's desire

Get ready for exciting battles with a satisfying rhythm! Use a brand-new command combat system that enables simple yet strategic controls, employ Techniques, and suppress enemies with different Types' of Weakness Breaks, then finish the fight with style via a stunning Ultimate. In the randomly-generated mazes of the Simulated Universe, surprising random events and nearly 100 different Blessings and Curios will grant you an incredible boost in abilities, allowing you to challenge a more unpredictable combat environment.


► Top-Tier Voice Actors for an Immersive Experience — A dream team of multiple language dubs assembled for the entire story

When words come alive when stories give you a choice, when characters possess a soul... We present to you dozens of emotions, hundreds of facial expressions, thousands of lore pieces, and a million words that make up this universe's beating heart. With full voice-over in four languages, the characters will transcend their virtual existences and become your tangible companions, creating a new chapter in this tale together with you.

Overall, Honkai: Star Rail offers fast-paced action, exciting gameplay, and stunning graphics that immerse players in an epic sci-fi adventure.

Editors' Review

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Honkai Impact 3rd is a well-known action, fighting, and role-playing mobile game developed and published by miHoYo, a famous Chinese gaming company. The game has gained immense popularity for its unique story, world-building, and combat system. It follows the story of a group of girls known as Valkyries who must fight against various enemies called Honkai Beasts to save the world from destruction. Honkai: Star Rail is the latest addition to the Honkai Impact series and a significant update to Honkai Impact 3rd. Here is my review of Honkai: Star Rail.


Graphics and Visuals:


One of the most stand-out features of Honkai: Star Rail is the game's graphics and visuals. They are simply mesmerizing. The game boasts high-end visuals and graphics, making it one of the most visually stunning games on mobile platforms. The character designs, background scenery, and special effects are all extremely detailed and breathtaking. The game is perfect for those who love anime-style graphics, as it provides an immersive experience that will keep players coming back for more. Players can expect to see their favorite Valkyries in new, updated forms, each with their unique, beautiful animations and designs.




The gameplay of Honkai: Star Rail is similar to the previous games in the Honkai Impact series but with some significant changes. For example, the update introduces a new map system that allows players to explore the game's world more thoroughly. The game also has improved combat mechanics, with revamped controls that allow for smoother execution of various actions in the game. Moreover, players can now use a new lock-on system that relieves them of the struggle to aim the Valkyries' attacks.


Another significant change introduced in Honkai: Star Rail is the new combo system. This system allows players to chain together multiple attacks to defeat enemies. The new combo system adds an extra layer of strategy and skill to the game. Players will have to learn various combos and techniques to effectively fight the various bosses and enemies that they will encounter in the game.




Honkai: Star Rail continues with the Honkai Impact 3rd storyline and characters, following the story of Valkyries Kiana and Mei as they explore the Star Rail. The Star Rail is a series of interconnected tracks and worlds created by Schicksal, a powerful organization that seeks to control the Honkai outbreaks. Despite their best efforts, Schicksal's control over the Star Rail has weakened, and the world is once again at risk of destruction. It is up to Kiana and Mei to explore the Star Rail, uncover its secrets, and prevent the world from falling into darkness.


The game's story is captivating and well-written, with a good mix of action, drama, and humor. Fans of the previous Honkai Impact games will be happy to see their favorite characters return, each with their unique personalities and story arcs. Newcomers to the series will not feel lost, as the game provides ample background information and a detailed tutorial.


Sound and Music:


Honkai: Star Rail has an excellent soundtrack that perfectly complements the game's visuals and gameplay. The game's music is breathtaking and captures the game's action and emotion perfectly. The sound effects are also well-designed, adding an extra layer of immersion to the game.




Honkai: Star Rail is an excellent addition to the Honkai Impact series. It offers improved graphics, refined gameplay mechanics, and an engaging storyline that fans of the previous games will love. MiHoYo is known for its commitment to continuous improvements and updates, so players can expect new content, characters, and events in the future. With its stunning visuals, action-packed gameplay, and compelling storyline, Honkai: Star Rail is a must-play for RPG and action fans alike.


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