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Hello Neighbor
Stealth Horror w Adaptive AI
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Hello Neighbor is an adventure puzzle game made by Dynamic Pixels in Russian game studio. The player's goal in the game is to enter the neighbor's home, through various means to avoid the neighbor's reconnaissance, and finally enter the mysterious warehouse door, and then you can win.

Many years ago, in the PC game "trick the neighbors", players use a variety of ways to trick the fat silly neighbors, but after playing once there is nothing more challenging content, the fat neighbors will also follow the established route each time the action. A Russian game studio Dynamic Pixels recently announced a game with the same theme of neighbors, Hello, Neighbor! (Hello, Neighbor!)", but the difference is that this time the game's neighbors are quite smart.

The story takes place in a small village, the player has just moved here, everything is very ordinary, but why the neighbors who live across the street nailed the warehouse door? Could there be hostages inside that the neighbors have kidnapped? Or is there a monster? You can't resist the ravages of curiosity and want to find out.

How to play

Since this is the first time to play, we will select a new game when we enter the game. Skip the plot animation at the beginning of the game, there will be a button introduction, the lower-left corner is the joystick button to control the character movement, the lower right corner is the jump and crouch button, click to jump up, long press to crouch.

Our neighbor is a strange person, he is in the house or hair house around every day, but never go out shopping, so we should pay attention to observe when entering his room.

You can walk to the window to observe, if he is in the house, then we will go around a little to the back of the house, if he is not in the house, you can just open the door to enter.

But the neighbor is very sensitive, perhaps we are searching the room, he will also suddenly appear and drive us out.

But the good thing is that he will not be to hurt us, just drive us away, we can start again, this time do not enter directly from the front door, go around to the side of the house to see if there is another entrance.

The game will also appear a lot of scattered clutter, we can walk into this clutter, this time the bottom right corner will light up a skill button, this is the button to pick up things, click on it to pick up things on the ground.

After getting something, the bottom right corner will light up a new "throw" button, click it to throw the things in your hand, these things can be used to block the door to prevent neighbors from opening the door, can also be used as a stepping stone, placed in the window can jump from the window into the house.

You can also put it under the electrical box, step on it to turn off the power in the house, when the neighbors repair the power, we can sneak into the house to find the key on the table to open the door to the warehouse.

This game is not very difficult, mainly a battle of wits process is to prevent neighbors from finding us by dodging, obstacles, traps, etc., while we can sneak into the house to open the warehouse door entrance, and then win the game.

Editors' Review

Hello Neighbor ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

Hello Neighbor is a unique adventure game created by Dynamic Pixels. The game is based on the psychological horror movie of the "Rear Window" genre, in which the player breaks into his neighbor's house privately and then finds himself in a death trap. In the game, the player lives in a quiet suburban neighborhood, suspects neighbors in the basement with hidden secrets, the player tries to sneak into the neighbor's home. And this time, your neighbors begin to become alert, the neighbor will not only guess and predict your behavior but also set traps and obstacles to try to capture you alive.

Hello Neighbor is an escape puzzle game with horror elements, with very sophisticated 3D scenes and puzzle elements. You need to explore the neighbor's spooky mansion, solve a series of organs, discover the truth behind the truth, and at the same time be careful not to be caught by the neighbors.

Game background

The player's goal in "Hello Neighbor” is to enter the neighbor's home, through various means to avoid the neighbor's reconnaissance, and finally enter that mysterious library, and you get the victory. Although it may seem simple, the game's neighbor is quite sensitive, the most damaging is that he can not only discover your tracks through hearing and sight but also according to the player's actions in the game behavior self-learning, intelligence continues to grow! Players in the game can also use a variety of props in the neighbor's home to create trouble for neighbors to escape, his home kettle, refrigerator, chairs, slingshots, etc., as long as you want to get, all of them are the sharpest tools you can trick neighbors. However, this persistent neighbor can also use these props to deal with you!

Game highlights

1. The fat man has many secrets, his home also has a lot of organs, players want to explore the secrets of the basement, player should know high-tech monitoring and anti-theft equipment.

2. Plot-style game, according to the scene to find clues or props, there will be hints to guide the player how to go next, it has simple gameplay, players can enjoy a different adventure.

Game features

1. Cute painting style, spooky plot

The game will have a small plot at the beginning, which can be said to be a small pavement for the subsequent plot. The plot is the beginning of the neighbor's family suffering a car accident, you can see that the neighbor's wife died in the accident, after watching the plot, you can operate the little boy to open the door. The initial place of the game is in the boy's home, the opposite is the neighbor's house, the whole style of painting is very fresh, 3D sense of the picture has a kind of cartoon style.

2. Simple operation, fine gameplay

The scary point of the whole game is the background music and the later darker picture, in the first part of the bright situation, through the neighbor's pursuit process with a tense background sound and heartbeat, creating a sense of tension of being chased, and in the process of playing, once the neighbor close to the whole picture will have the effect of distorted shadows.


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