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Supersonic Studios

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Oct 19, 2022


Supersonic Studios

250 MB

Oct 18, 2022


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Arm Simulator is a physics-based arm simulator launched by Supersonic Studios. Players will control the virtual arm in the game to complete a series of daily actions, such as shooting the basketball, grilling, pouring milk, playing the piano, etc. to arm movements based on the principle of physical swing. Rather than a simulation, Arm Simulator is more like an educational popularization application based on physics principles. Through Arm Simulator, players will find that these seemingly simple actions actually contain physical concepts.

How to play

The control of Arm Simulator is very simple, just tap the screen to control the arm.


► Interesting levels

The game is composed of countless interesting levels, and the setting of each level has nothing to do with each other, you will never know what the next level is.


► Complete the specified action

Each level will require the player to control the arm to complete specified actions, such as shooting the basketball, cooking, washing cats, and more daily activities. Players complete actions to pass the level and get rewarded with coins.


► Earn more coins

Coins earned from completing levels can be used to buy arm skins, so earn as many coins as possible to get Captain America's arm!


► Realistic physical effects

The effect of arm swing is truly restored through realistic physical principles, and various interesting daily actions are presented to players, creating a feeling of a small science classroom.


Although the controls and gameplay of Arm Simulator look very simple, it is very challenging to actually operate it, so try it yourself!

Editors' Review

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Arm Simulator is one of the decent simulator apps I’ve tried out in a while because it's reasonably made but certainly has flaws. I mean the app isn’t as great as you thought it would be if you are looking for a lot in it. But if you are wondering what you could have done with your arm, then this app is your go-to place because it will show you all of the possibilities that you can achieve with this app.


The app doesn’t take up a lot of space on your phone so if you are short on space but still willing to try out the app, then that’s something you shouldn’t be worried about. And I like the gestures and movements that you can do in the app. Like nail the box which I can’t even do in real life because my arm is shaky while trying to do things like that. Also breaking laptops and lighting up matches are pretty fun on your mobile phone compared to what you would have done in real life. I guess people can feel the irony behind realistic settings and gameplay.


I love the creativity the developers have for the audience because you wouldn’t be able to necessarily do all of those things with your arm in a real-life setting so admiring him for making online gameplay achievable for players like us. And also, as a big fan of the Euro Truck Simulator or just in general for all simulators, this is my first try on a mobile device to find out about what a cheap but full of ideas app can do. Normally, I would despise apps like this for their cheap quality and there is 0 maintenance in the app.


The game suffers severely when it comes to ads and child protection. The ads are just flying around in the app and some glitches will keep you out when you don’t open up the app. I mean this app just got released like 10 months ago but it somehow feels like an app that’s from the 80s which proves how bad the graphics and overall gameplay are even though the material and contents are quite the opposite. Also, I feel like the developers didn’t put enough effort into the game since there isn’t even a description in the game details. Now let’s talk about the child safety part. If you are a parent who is thinking about letting your children try out the creativity and ideas that this app has to offer, then don’t do it. Because somehow the app finds its way to show some information that isn’t age-appropriate for all audiences. There are implicit sexual contents that pop out which is not something that’s designed for the kids to see.


To sum up, this game would be so much better and more fun to play if there were improvements made based on all of those problems. And also I feel like if the developers can do something about the interface page or the general setting of the game, that would also be pretty helpful for the players. I look forward to the new updates of what you could have done in the game also the possible ads remover would be pretty helpful as well. I would rather pay 5 dollars to have the ads removed from my phone than sit there and get bothered by the ads again and again and all over. This isn’t the ideal gaming environment that I look for as a gamer. So hopefully my wishes come true.


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