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Destiny 2 Companion
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Bungie, Inc.


September 6, 2017

September 6, 2017

Bungie, Inc.

138.4 MB

Nov 2, 2021


Bungie, Inc.

35 MB

November 15, 2021

14.4.8 build #1768

Bungie, Inc.

For ages 13 and up

October 1, 2019

October 1, 2019

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Destiny 2 Companion is a very interesting adventure game. The game has a large number of mission levels, many of which are designed differently, players are free to break into the game, a variety of skills can be released to bring a superb gaming experience, players can open your adventure action, participate in bounty missions, complete the task to get rewards and improve their equipment value. If you like it, hurry up and experience it.

How to play

First, you should create a role, there are three professions, including titan, hunter, warlock. It is recommended that you should better to play the plot. There are several benefits to play the plot, one is to understand the background of the game and to increase the sense of immersion, the other is to familiarize yourself with the terrain of each planet.

It is best to play Destiny 2 Companion together, it is recommended that 1 to 2 partners play together. After passing the level 15, if you complete the main plot, you can be the level 20. Regardless of the current level, as long as the ammunition numbers have changed as weapons on the ammunition, you can use sprint and other actions to cancel the follow-up action.

This plot mission is the core, the game contains single-player adventure and multiplayer cooperation, competition and open game mode. The adventure mission maps are all copies, and all other maps are communal.

Editors' Review

Destiny 2 Companion ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

Destiny 2 Companion is an action shooting adventure game. There are free shooting battle scenes, and very rich and perfect levels, which are carefully designed for players. It has a vast adventure map, the latest online play, and teammates competition. So hurry up and show your shooting skill.

Game features

1. Director - View the latest featured content. You can track your progress on bounties, missions and challenges. Discover in-game events and activities. Check your current seasonal reward levels, claim rewards from the previous season and check out information from vendors.

2. Guardian - Check all your favorite weapons and armor, view item stats and perks, and move equipment between characters and vaults. Retrieve lost items from the postmaster without having to travel to the tower! View your victories, collections, status tracker and game history.

3. Clans - Create and manage clans using their own unique shared identity or browse for clans to join. Track your clan level, progress and all shared rewards. Stay in touch with guilds through text chat on one or more guild-specific channels.

Game highlights

1. These levels are carefully created by the masters, only to present a perfect visual effect and show their high level of skill.

2. It has super exciting screen, it is full of joy and laughter.

3. The scene is constantly changing with the screen, there are a lot of highlights in various techniques, cool game mode waiting for you to experience.

Game advantages

1. You can meet more game friends and have more joyful online competitive battles with them.

2. The latest strategy will be released first, so that players can more quickly grow to become a great players.

3. Help players find more game player friends, become comrades in the world together to fight and play.

4. A variety of game information can be the first to grasp the hands of players, players can also directly invite other players to play together.

5. Recruit more powerful players fight together with you.

Game review

Destiny 2 Companion has a very realistic sense of combat, there are a variety of techniques with a lot of challenges. players can freely change and constantly improve their own strength to complete more difficult levels. It brings a lot of different experiences, flexible control of the characters and finally pass all the obstacles and traps.

Then I will talk about this game from three specific aspects:

1. The graphics performance is perfect, the combat experience is great.

The first impression of a game to the player is good or bad basically depends on the graphics. From the sunny ground into the heavily guarded fortress, and then from the fortress into the dark dungeon, the game is right on the ambient light transition. At the same time, the game soundtrack will also change with the transition between scenes which enhance the player's experience.

2. Rich boss skills design, to enhance the cooperative clearance experience to the best.

There are many different kinds of monsters in the side game, and different kinds of monsters have different abilities. What's more interesting is that I found that the monsters have different camps, and the monsters from different camps will attack each other, so I choose to sneak in the chaos. This not only increases the level of the plot, but also brings a sense of immersion experience for players.

3. The magical matching mechanism makes you the loneliest guardian in the universe

Although the level design, graphics, soundtrack, and combat feel of Destiny 2 Companion are all great, there are still some problems with it. It is difficult to match teammates, and you can only play this game alone, and it is difficult to play when you encounter a level that requires a lot of cooperation.


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