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Bingo Blitz, a fast-paced game adapted from traditional casual gaming, was released in late 2010 and showed relatively slow but steady growth in 2011. It started to grow rapidly in August 2011 and eventually reached its current position with around 2.5 to 3 million MAUs, and its DAU/MAU ratio has grown even more rapidly over the past three months, steadily fluctuating between 30% and 35%.

Bingo Blitz uses the same bingo gameplay mechanics. The cards used in bingo are commonly 5×5, 5 rows and 5 columns, corresponding to the 5 letters B-I-N-G-O. Numbers are randomly drawn within 75 for US bingo, and within 90 for UK and Australian bingo, usually with a professional calling the numbers, just like an auctioneer at an auction. The number corresponding to B is usually chosen in 1-15, the number corresponding to me in 16-30, the number corresponding to N in 31-45, the number corresponding to G in 46-60, and the number corresponding to O in 61-75. As long as one player traces the BINGO pattern according to the number called, then the round is over and the next round begins. In this game, players can still get experience points and coins even if they don't win the game. The winning player will be rewarded with extra XP, coins, and collectibles. And the player will be able to upgrade faster.

How to play

New players can try a 30-second tutorial and then choose between public games based on pay rates and player levels. The content is presented in the form of "cities" on the game menu, with the current number of players online. Once in a city, players will be able to purchase one to four cards with Credits (one of the two currencies in the game) and complete the current game before joining the next round.

The game will announce the Bingo card numbers aloud via audio and display them in a dynamic bar at the top of the screen. When a player gets a bingo on any of the cards in their hand, they need to click the "Bingo" button below the corresponding card. Players must collect all the bingo to complete each round of the game.

Editors' Review

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Are you a fan of BINGO games? Then you've come to the right place! Free Bingo games combined into one app that will make you feel like you're in bingo heaven. Relax for a while with 5 of your favorite reel games in online virtual BINGO games. Play fun-filled games and win weekly scores!

Bingo Blitz is the latest addition to the Bingo games series on FaceBook, developed and produced by Buffalo Studios, an independent studio in Santa Monica, Calif. The game is also the studio's first game on FaceBook.

Bingo Blitz includes a number of features to improve user stickiness and encourage retention, players can tap a timed upgrade button to get a blank box or place a bonus item on the box, and if they can watch the timer change at any time, they can use this option multiple times during the game. Bonus squares allow players to gain upgrades and game currency (presented in the form of treasure chests) and win the game whether or not they get a bingo.

Due to the added suspense and finesse in the gameplay, it is possible for a player to select the wrong square on a card and generate an invalid bingo - this card will then no longer be available for the next match. In addition, players can only use a certain number of winning Bingo cards in each match; and a countdown will be presented at the top left of the screen to create a sense of tension and excitement. New players who play the game repeatedly, will be rewarded with gameplay, and the game also gives daily monetary rewards for returning players.

Many of Bingo Blitz's features add a social element to the gameplay. Each player has a user-preset list that keeps track of their original nationality, game level and other game statuses. These attribute markers are presented at the bottom of the match screen. In addition, players can also chat with their friends during the match.

Bingo Blitz also has a leveling system, locking some cities so that players can only enter them after reaching a certain level or obtaining a specific goal. The game includes achievement badges, such as collecting their selected game props or reaching the game's designated destination.

Bingo Blitz has two currencies - Coins and Credits. These two are interchangeable. Players can spend coins to complete game collections and then earn credits, create exclusive player cards, upgrade the game and earn rewards. Bingo Blitz is also profitable through slot machine mini-games, where players can earn credits by spinning the slot machine, and players can earn spins directly with Facebook Credits.

It has multi-player game mode. You can play real-time bingo games with friends and online players. Connect your Facebook account in social games and earn more Bingo rewards. Chat with Bingo players from all over the world. Send and receive gifts through scores from your friends! 


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