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Fat Pusher is a new game launched by voodoo, guiding your character in the game to run on the track, according to your needs to carry out the calorie calculation, different tracks represent different calories, these calories will decide the player in the back of the height, it is a very casual game, if you are interested in this game, you can have a try!

Fat Pusher is an entertainment game that let you become a classic rubber man in the track to free parkour, here to avoid the track on the various dangers and traps, through your great operation here to survive, beautiful cartoon animation screen style let you also more favorite, the top gameplay and a variety of different ways, let you can not stop.

How to play

Fat Pusher game is a very interesting gameplay adventure game, here you will be able to open a challenge, here will have a lot of organs traps, on this road to keep running, pick up more, get more bonuses. It is not stable around this water, you need to maintain their own center of gravity, fall into the water will lose this game.

1. The game is very simple to play, through the elimination of the rubber man, you will be able to successfully reach their desired location.

2. In different locations, the number of rubber people is also different, the more players eliminate the number of rubber people, the more rewards will be obtained.

3. The end of the player is actually the final success of the place, and the first person who finally reached the end, is also the champion of this competition.

4. Various props to help parkour, pick up gold to unlock new maps to unlock new characters.

5. No need to connect to the network can play.

6. As the challenge on the variety show, there will be a lot of traps, you have to run on the road and pick up more gold coins.

7. Use the money to upgrade your skills, there will be a lot of food rewards on the way.

Editors' Review

Fat Pusher ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

Fat Pusher is a mobile game that focuses on fun dueling gameplay. Compete to be the first on the track, strengthen yourself by picking up food and gold coins to avoid any buildings that come your way, and succeed in living longer.

Fat Pusher is very easy to use fun breakthrough puzzle game, there will be a variety of different entertainment experiences, a large number of squares with numbers can be unlocked, you need to use their flexible mind to carry out more ways to pass, the game can be used at will, a large number of props can help you.

Slide your finger to guide your character and break the box. Eat all the food and collect coins to become the fattest you ever were! Collect all the gold coins and upgrade your skills. It's easy to play, it's fun!

Game features

1. You need to increase your weight by constantly eating food from the road so that you can push through more obstacles.

2. Run hard forward, obesity does not affect your speed, enjoy the challenge of completing the levels.

3. Learn a large number of skills, deal with different situations, in all the levels slowly grow up.

4. Fresh style picture scene, play with the cute rubber man in the game, there will be more fun to bring players.

5. The new spring bed parkour breakthrough, seemingly simple parkour casual play, but full of challenges.

6. A variety of interesting level designs, a variety of obstacles will appear in the game, with the help of the trampoline to avoid the dangers of the game.

7. The game's various levels design is very interesting, you can choose to participate in it at will, there will be more fun to bring players.

8. Continuously collect the spring bed in the road, which you can choose to use when you encounter danger so that you can help you easily pass the level.

9. Parkour breakthrough is full of challenges, crossing the cliff is a very big test, requiring players to use the power of multiple spring beds.

Game highlights

1. You must always be ready to fight, all the difficulties are gradually increase.

2. Where there will be a lot of opponents, the hand of the wooden stick will be your only weapon, your opponents will come at you in groups.

3. When running must not forget the obstacles in front of you, trapped their legs, must be flexible to avoid.

Game advantages

1. Fun upgrades in the level, the player needs to be careful of the danger, in the background of the crisis began to pass.

2. The game's new strategy of competitive challenges, cute rubber man characters.

3. You have to increase weight as much as possible, only then can push away those obstacles.

4. Try to run forward, obesity does not affect your speed, to complete the challenge of each level!

Game reviews

We find when we challenge, we can not go to other places, so we have to choose whether it is a safe or high score, a high score can easily lead us to failure, other options are also this type, after the speed behind, we have to make a judgment while moving fingers.

Fat Pusher is a casual fun breakthrough game, the game you can control your character to carry out the challenge, super levels and modes can give you a full game experience, a variety of traps and gold coins in front of you on the road, you need to collect dodge to reach the end to get the final victory like this game friends to come to experience the fun of it, is worth playing a good game.

The above are the details of the game Fat Pusher brought to you, according to your needs to calculate the top of the heat, different tracks represent different heat, these calories will feel the player in the back of the height.


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