Hit Master 3D
Hit Master 3D
Knife Assassin
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Jul 21, 2021

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December 10, 2021


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Hit Master 3D is an interesting casual game with rich game content. The player acts as an agent, shuttles through various scenes, once you’re ambushed, you are attacked by a huge crowd of enemies, and all you have is a lot of knives! Throw knives at your aims, eliminate them one by one and beat ‘em all to survive!

The game also provides many interactive items, such as explosive barrels, wooden boxes, etc., either to provide players with more efficient killing or to slow down the enemy's speed and gain more time for players. Hit Master 3D is a completely free game! So what are you waiting for? The world needs you, agent! Download now and start your adventure!

How to play

There is a wide variety of enemies with varying difficulties. Save the hostages to win and add more points to your score.

- Throw knives at enemies, you just need to quickly click where you want to throw

- You can attack enemies in different ways, such as headshots or severing limbs

- If you dont like to defeat enemies one by one silently and slowly, you can throw a knife into an exploding barrel, and defeat a crowd of enemies in one blow!

- There are various boxes scattered everywhere - break them to slow down your enemies

- Save all hostages and get to the helicopter - become the ultimate hero! 

Editors' Review

Hit Master 3D ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce. By JoJo

This is a fun and simple game, great for releasing anxiety. You only need to quickly throw knives at enemies to kill them, and you can also use a lot of interactive items to blow up or slow enemies. However, there are many enemies, all of the different sizes, and they won't attack alone in a polite manner - they attack at once! Each of them is armed with baseball bats or huge spanners! Here you must prove that you are the best and most accurate spy of all! It’s really fun that bad guys fly out after being killed, the new boss mode is also nice, quick throw is the most interesting part of this game, it’s very exciting. I'm loving it so far. I needed a game like this to get my frustration's out! I hope to enjoy it a lot.

What’s more, I like its 3D graphics, which are made from 3D stickman game art animation. Although the background of the game is relatively simple, the appearance of enemies and hostages is very cute and changeable, which is very interesting. You can see enemies with crooked mouths and realistic explosion scenes, which add a lot of color to the game. There are some advertisements in the game, but I don't mind. Sponsored ads help us make the game free to play. Also, advertising helps us to reach a higher level and get different useful things in the game!

I like it very much, but I hope there are more levels for players to challenge. Starts good, really fun. But it never gets harder! The difficulty at level 300 is the same as level 1. How about speeding up the action; making the pirates/aliens advance more quickly? Or only allow a certain number of weapons, instead of the unlimited arsenal. It just stopped being challenging. If it can become more challenging, I think this will be a perfect game!


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