High Heels!
High Heels!
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High Heels is a parkour game full of fun. This game uses simple and fresh game graphics and novel parkour gameplay. In the game, the player controls a girl wearing high heels to challenge parkour, and needs to flexibly control her to step over numerous obstacles until she reaches the final podium. You can get rich rewards when you complete the levels, and you can buy nice clothes and decorations for the girl in the store, and dress her up as you like. There are so many fun games waiting for you to explore, come and try it!

How to play

This is a simple parkour game, you only need to slide the screen to make the girl move. Dont forget! You need to pick as many high heels on the road, the taller your heels are, the easier it will be to escape from the walls so you can walk on the final podium! A different obstacle awaits you at each parkour! There are rails on the roof where you have to spread your legs and slide, walls to jump, a stick to balance and a huge podium waiting for you at the end of the road.

There are so many levels waiting for you to challenge, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase

Swipe to avoid obstacles, every time you pass obstacles, you will consume some high heels

Collect as many diamonds as you can when you pass the level

You can get rewards every time you complete a level. You can buy a variety of accessories in the store to dress up your girl

Unlock the map of the world after passing the basic level, whether it is Shanghai, Beijing, or New York, you can go and participate in the competition. There is also a chance to participate in Paris Fashion Week!

Walking on the heels will make you feel like a QUEEN! Everyone loves to look perfect and these heels will let you shine like a star! 

Editors' Review

High Heels ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce. By JoJo

I love this game to death it is so amazing and very fun, I play it in my free time and I'm never bored. It is very easy to operate, just swipe the screen left and right, and I like the fact it can also let you play without wi-fi. I think the concept of the game is very novel, the girl with a graceful figure is enough to attract many female players, combined with the fun gameplay of parkour in high heels, this game is destined to be popular. There are many different shoe options in the game! Shiny heels, colorful heels, boot heels, rainbow heels, and even heels with wings! I like it!

There are many challenging levels, the previous levels are relatively simple and mainly for players to familiarize the game., the later levels will become more and more difficult. Although you can play with one hand, you still need to practice more if you want to complete more levels, otherwise, you will easily fail. You need to constantly explore and master skills based on the experience of failure so that you can complete more levels and win more rewards. Only by completing the level can you get rewards, and buy your favorite accessories in the store to dress up your girl. On the way, you can also collect diamonds, buy skins, wear different high heels, use different characters, such as leopard Catwoman, hip-hop girl, sports girl, DC Harlequin, and even a man with a beard... …

What's more interesting is that when you play this game, you not only feel like a superstar, but you also feel like a fashion designer, especially when you choose goods in the store. Among the dozens of different accessories, you can buy in the store, such as buckles, necklaces, puppies in a bag, angel wings. You can also find all kinds of fashionable high heels and exquisite accessories such as fancy bags, angel heels, bracelets, devil & angel crowns, and even a rabbit tail! You can match according to your preferences to make your girl unique. I enjoy this process very much.

However, I dislike the fact that most of the time to earn items, or to get extra gems you need to watch an ad, For instance, if you want to keep high-heel you need to watch an ad and to get a model or a pet you need to watch 5 ads! And usually, each ad is 30 seconds which is a waste of my time. I even think that I am spending time watching ads instead of playing games. If it can remove or reduce ads, I would think this is a perfect game.


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