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The sun is shining, its time to play the real-time multiplayer game everybodys talking about!

Mobile Game of the Year - BAFTA
Game of the Year 2018 - Mobile Game Awards
Game of the Year - TIGA Awards

Play on beautiful courses against players around the world in real-time as you compete in tournaments, 1v1 games and challenge your Facebook friends!

Upgrade your clubs and unlock tours as you master your golf skills in the quest to be the Golf Clash king!

- Quick-fire 1v1 real-time gameplay.
- Revolutionary shot system that
s easy to learn but difficult to master.
- Thousands of live players online waiting to be challenged.
- Progress through more advanced tours as you
raise the stakes.
- Earn promotion in weekly leagues to win club card bonuses.
- Compete against your friends via Facebook to earn bragging rights.
- Unlock chests as you discover and upgrade to premium clubs and balls.
- Save and share replays of your jaw-dropping shots.
- Chat with opponents and send emojis during the match!
- Advance through challenging courses and weather conditions.

How to play

1. Fast fire 1v1 real time game.

2. Thousands of online players are waiting to be challenged.

3. Unlock boxes as you find and upgrade to advanced clubs and balls.

4. Revolutionary shooting system, easy to learn, but hard to master.

Progress through more advanced tournaments while "upping the ante".

6. Win weekly league prizes and earn club card bonuses.

7. Compete with your friends and win bragging rights.

8. Save and share replays of your amazing shots.

9. Talk to your opponents and send emoticons during the game!

10. Go through challenging courses and weather conditions.

Editors' Review

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Although not everyone has the time and money to play golf, considering the leisure properties of mobile games and golf itself, a mobile golf game can easily bring more intuitive fun. Golf Clash developed by Playdemic combines simple and easy-to-learn operations with well-designed gameplay for online matching.

The beginning of the game is a brief novice instruction, which mainly explains two different gameplay mechanisms.

First, you have to decide how far the golf goes. For most people, the first shot is to hope that the farther the better, but then, you must consider the distance and the hole.

After that, you can press the batting button to hit the golf ball. Of course, you can also drag the ball to the blue target position at the bottom of the operation interface to serve. Moreover, the best hitting point is easy to find, so there is no need for players to bother to guess. Then, a target with a moving pointer will appear. Your goal is to send the ball when the pointer reaches the center of the target.

Of course, easier said than done. Depending on your performance in the game, you can get different feedback. If the action is perfect, the ball will only be affected by the wind. If it is good, the ball will move in the direction of the pointer; if the operation is bad, it will hit the ball into the bushes or bunker.

When you get closer and closer to the finish line and you need to tap the golf ball, the game operation will change slightly. You still need to push the ball, but a cyan path will appear on the grass. Only by overlapping together can a perfect blow be achieved.

After that, you can choose to match online or challenge your friends. You can also choose different tournaments. Each game requires an entrance fee. If you win, you can get double coins. If you fail, the opponent will win the reward. Your number of trophies has an impact, which is also the most important reference factor for ranking and matching. The number of trophies added for each win is mainly determined by the opponent's ranking, so novice players will basically not meet experienced players.

Like many mobile games, players will get treasure chests after winning. You can draw out coins, gems, upgrade cards and other similar items. The upgrade card is mainly used to improve the club level. The higher the level, the better your accuracy, strength and in-game help provided by the club. You can unlock a lot of clubs and raise them to the top, which undoubtedly increases a lot of repeatability for players who like to collect.

In-game purchases are mainly drawn cards: In addition to clubs, you can also buy ball (card) packs, special balls can have different advantages, such as resistance to wind resistance, reaching longer distances, etc.,and these can only be done by purchasing gems.Gems are items that need to be purchased in the game. They can be used to buy clubs, balls and treasure chests. You can also use gems to directly open the chests obtained from online matching without waiting for time to unlock.

Before being proficient, online matching will lose most of the time, and the game has no training mode, just like life without rehearsal, every time it is live broadcast. Through constant practice, you will slowly master the skills of winning, but every game will make you feel nervous, because one of your mistakes often means out. What's more interesting is that different venue positions may also affect the outcome.


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