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Coin Master is a resource management business 3D cartoon style game with pirates and gold coins as the themes. What the player has to do in the game is to constantly plunder, plunder the gold coins of its villages, and plunder the enemy’s base,thereby enhancing the effect of sneak attacks and building villages, building the base continuously, and finally developing into the strongest one.

How to play

The goal of the coin master is to win coins to upgrade items to build villages.

1.    In order to build their own game villages or attack the villages of other players, users must spin to win coins.Earn loot by landing on coins or bags of gold so you can build strong villages and upgrade in the game.The number of attempts is limited to seven per hour, but additional attempts and items can be purchased in chests.

2.    A fortune is acquired by spinning and winning, attacking another player's village, or raiding another player’s fortune. Earn shields to protect your village from other Vikings. Become the coin master with the strongest village and the most loot!

3.    Players continue to spin, win and build through more than 300 uniquely themed village adventures, To complete a village you need coins. Every next village is more expensive than the one before. You can lower the cost of a village by building village items during the Village Mania event.

4.    An extremely popular feature in the game is the ‘Card Collection’.It's not always about the loot, it's also about the treasure! Chests with collectible cards inside them can also be collected using coins.You can rade your cards with our online community to collect them all!

Editors' Review

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The mechanism of this game is very simple, basically anyone can learn Coin Master and understand its basics in a few seconds. The game is about as straightforward as they come -your purpose is to build as many villages as possible using gold that can be collected from playing a slot machine. Once players upgrade all components of a village they'll then unlock the next one and so on. In addition, the game also has a social aspect where you get to attack your other players' villages and loot their coin stash. Players can also collect cards and keep pets - all with the goal of obtaining additional rewards and keep the game moving forward.

Below is a guide I created for the game, which contains some tips. Hope it can help you attract more coins and spins so that you can be more relaxed in the game.

1. The game generates 5 (free) spins per hour, with a meter of 50 spins available to fill (although all extra spins will be conserved for you to take advantage of, so nothing gets lost). The game is based on the slot machine mechanism. In order to play the game, you need spins. Each day you receive up to 110 free spins and there are other ways to obtain them like inviting Facebook friends to join the game, sending gifts to your friends and receiving a reward, following Coin Master on social media (they share free spins and coins every day), watching in-game video ads and leveling up your villages.

2. Don't Store Gold
While there will always be an incentive to save resources (gold) for later especially if you've just started playing the game, and feel like you should be hoarding stuff, in Coin Master it's not really a good idea to do so. Keep in mind that raiding is an extremely common occurrence in the game and that your village, like any other, is exposed to "vicious" attacks from other players. This is why, it's best to spend the gold as soon as you get it, so as not to leave significant amounts for looters to grab.

3. Pets
Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino are the 3 pets that are designed to help players collect more coins each in their own unique way. Pets can be raised by obtaining treats for them and raising their XP (experience points) by using XP potions. Foxy gives you extra coins for a raid up to 107% of your raid value. Tiger gives you extra coins for attacks. These extra coins can get up to 410% of the attack value. Rhino protects your village from attacks. This pet protects up to 70% of the attacks on your village. Additionally, pets need to be kept awake with treats. For each treat they stay awake for 4 hours. They can stay awake for longer periods of time with multiple treats.


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